Writing a Thank You Note After an Interview

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Writing a Thank You Note After an Interview

Need help writing a thank you note after an interview? This article is just the place! It will help you with the basics.

Writing a thank you note after an interview is one of the most basic etiquette that everyone must follow. It creates a good impression about you in the mind of the interviewer. You never know, it might just land you the job that you’ve been dying to get! Read ahead for some tips on how to write a thank you note after an interview.

Why to Write a Thank You Note after an Interview
Given below are some reasons why it’s important to send a thank you note after an interview.

  • It shows that you value the time that you were given by the interviewer.
  • It shows that you are serious about the job that you wish to acquire.
  • It ensures that the interviewer remembers you even after you leave.
  • It shows that you express gratitude whenever someone does something for you.
  • It is a display of good manners in business writing and business etiquette.
  • It gives you an edge over those who don’t send thank you notes after an interview.

How to Write a Thank You Note After an Interview
Read on for some easy writing tips on a thank you note after an interview.

  • Mail the thank you note the very next day of the interview. Sending it later than that loses its importance.
  • Remember the name of the interviewer.
  • Use good quality stationery: high quality paper and a good pen.
  • Typing or writing it by hand is a matter of personal choice. Typing it seems more professional and a hand written note seems more personalized. Sending hand written notes is more preferred except when you are pressed for time and absolutely must send an mail instead.
  • Keep the note brief, don’t go overboard!
  • Keep the language simple and clear.
  • Avoid excessive praise as it may come across as made up.
  • Include some good observations that you made about the company.
  • DO NOT shower praise on the interviewer as a person: your aim is to work for the organization as a whole.
  • Point out why you’ll be a good choice for the position.
  • Highlight how comfortable and impressed you were talking to the interviewer. Mention an instance or two to justify the sentiment.
  • Don’t feel shy to express that you wish to get the job, so mentioning your expectations is perfectly alright.
  • End the note with a sincere thank you.

Given below is a simple interview thank you note format that you can use.

  • Your name and address
  • Date
  • Name of interviewer
  • Title/Designation
  • Complete address of the organization
  • Salutation: “Dear Mr./Ms.,”
  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and which position you had applied for
  • Body: Highlight how and why you’re the right person to fill the position. Also mention the things that impressed you about the company.
  • Conclusion: End by thanking the interviewer for his/her time and putting forth a wish to be called for the next round of interview (if any).
  • End with a “Sincerely, _______ (your name)”.

A Sample
Given below is a sample that you can refer to while writing your own.


Company Address.

Dear Mr. XYZ,
I’m ABC and I’m writing this note to thank you for granting me an interview for the position of (mention position) on 06/12/2010.

I have a good idea of what this position demands and I assure you that if hired, I will not disappoint you and the organization. My background in (mention relevant qualifications) will give an impetus to my job and I’m sure that together, we can boost up the company’s sales from its already high profit of (mention profit, only if you have the hard figures on paper from the company itself).

Once again, thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Feel free to contact me on (your number) at anytime.

Thank you.


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