Workplace Safety Tips

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Workplace Safety Tips

Accidents occur unannounced. Be it at home or at the workplace, it is very important to be prepared for such mishaps. Here are some workplace safety tips that should be followed to ensure well-being of employees at the workplace…

Be it a hazardous occupation or a comparatively safe environment like an office, workplace safety is an important aspect. It is the right of every employee, and the obligation of every employer towards his workers. Every country requires an organization to adhere to certain safety norms before it sets up a workplace.

Are you wondering why is safety important at workplace? Safety of the employees is essential not only for the well-being of the employees, but also to ensure better productivity. Workplace safety facts reveal that from accidents due to fire and electricity, to those caused due to violent behavior of colleagues, threats to a person’s safety is abound in all workplaces.

We all are aware of safety threats that may arise due to malfunctioning of machinery and appliances. However, what raises greater concern are threats that come from colleagues. This threat comes in the form of physical harm, bullying, sexual exploitation, or coercion. Following are a few tips that could make the workplace environment a safer one.

General Safety Tips for the Workplace

The workplace should be kept clean of any clutter. Appropriate places should be assigned for storing or keeping objects. Not only will this prevent unwanted accidents, but it will also increase the productivity of the employees. The employees should also be encouraged to keep their workstations clean and organized.

Here are some safety tips in the workplace related to eating habits. Employees should be discouraged against eating at their desk or near computers. Because, spilling of any sort of liquid on machines can lead to accidents which can cause malfunctioning of the machine and increasing the risk of electrical shock to employees.

To avoid any such accidents, employees should refrain from eating food or having drinks near their workstation. Separate eating area should be provided for employees for such purposes.

Having a strong maintenance program for all the machinery in the workplace is one of the most important tips. The management should keep a sharp eye out for any machinery that has undergone wear and tear. Such machinery should be repaired or replaced immediately. Damage to a machinery due to use should never be overlooked.

Employees should be given clear instructions about how to do a particular task. In case the job involves some kind of risk, ensure that the employees have proper training to perform the task.

Safety instructions should be included wherever possible. It is important to inform the employees and supervisors if a potential hazard has been detected at the workplace. Try to restrict entry of employees to that area till the problem is sorted.

Employees should be trained to use safety gear whenever required. If the job involves working with anything dangerous, then they should use all the safety gear necessary. For the right use of safety gear employees should be trained. Employees should report the respected authorities, in case of the safety gear is malfunctioning or not appropriate.

Make emergency contact numbers available to every employee. Hold exit drills regularly. An important workplace safety tip is to ensure that all the employees are well aware of the safety equipment location in the workplace. The first aid box should be up-to-date and kept at a place well within the reach of the employees.

Tips for Electrical Safety

Electronics are very useful however, if the safety norms are not adhered, then electrical appliances can cause serious accidents. Consider the following electrical safety tips at your workplace to avoid accidents caused by electricity.

  • Install all appliances as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Avoid over loading electrical circuits as that may cause serious accidents.
  • Clearly mark each fuse or electrical circuit breaker with the name of the electrical appliance served by the fuse.
  • In case extension cords are being used, ensure that they are three-wire type with three prong plugs. Use non-conductive plugs. Make sure that the wire sizes of the extension cords are appropriate to be able to bear the electrical load. Extension wires should be used only temporarily. Permanent installations should not be compromised with extension wires.
  • Ensure that all electrical appliances are properly grounded.
  • Always get certified electricians to repair or lay down electrical wires or installations.
  • Any damage in electrical wall outlets should be reported and repaired immediately.

Tips for Fire Safety

Fire is used in a number of workplaces, specially in industries, where it is invariably used in one of the processes of production. Besides such places, accidents due to fire can occur even in the apparently safe premises of an office. Adhere to the following fire safety tips for a workplace.

  • Install fire alarms at appropriate places throughout the workplace.
  • Fire extinguishers should be installed within the reach of the employees.
  • Every employee should be aware of the places where the fire extinguishers have been fixed and know how to use them.
  • Hold fire drills periodically. Have fire safety experts supervise the drill.

Tips for Safety Against Violence

Although certain professionals like police officers, security officers, teachers, and paramedics are more prone to harm at their workplace, workplace violence safety measures should be ensured in every profession. Consider the following workplace violence safety tips.

  • The management should adopt a zero tolerance policy towards violence at workplace.
  • It is important to know the behavioral history of an employee before recruiting.
  • Be aware of violent behavior displayed by an employee. Report it to the concerned authorities immediately.
  • Ensure that secluded areas are well-lit.
  • Be careful while approaching your car at the parking area. When approaching your car, always be on the look out for suspicious persons. Always carry a cell phone with you and let your colleagues know about your whereabouts in the workplace.

Adopting certain office safety tips goes a long way in ensuring proper well-being of the employees. Besides adopting the measures it is important to ensure that all employees are aware of them and all rules are being followed properly.

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