Workplace Etiquette

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Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette is a code of conduct which decides the way one needs to be at the workplace. Read on to know what are some of the workplace etiquette guidelines.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. ~ Clarence Thomas

True. Good manners and a good conduct can make you go places you may have never imagined. It’s your entry to winning the people around you. The best B-school or a aristocratic lineage does not grant a person manners or any etiquette. Etiquette is cultivated by each one of us through years of observation coupled with instinct for good taste in life. Workplace etiquette too, is an unwritten code of conduct which decides the way you behave in a professional environment. Let’s see what are the important pointers to keep in mind.

Dress Code

The dress code is the most important part of every etiquette. Just as you get appropriately dressed for a party, a wedding ceremony, and any other occasion, an office, demands the same too. A professional environment demands a proper attire that is respectable and presentable. Formals is what you need to dress in at a workplace. Clean ironed clothes, coiffed hair, and polished shoes are the minimal requirements of a workplace dress code. As for women, make sure your hands and feet are well manicured and pedicured. Dressing up as though you are heading to a night party, just to make a fashion statement at the office would be the gravest blunder.

Keep it Low

Being at office is different than hanging out with friends at a cafeteria. You need to monitor your volume while you are at office. Speaking loudly, getting into loud squabbles, or leaving your cell phone on a ringing mode while you are at office will get you all the attention you want. However, such inconsiderate behavior is severely disturbing to the others around you. So, keep it low while you are in office premises.

Desk Etiquette

Workplace etiquette rules make a strong suggestions of desk etiquette. Mindless post-its stuck around your computer screen, papers, and files scattered all over your table, over flowing paper bin, disposable coffee glasses stacked up as souvenirs of yesterday make up an extremely hopeless sight. Firstly, the space in office is not yours. You don’t own, so you cannot mess it up. Keep it clean, it will bring out some organization and efficiency.

Avoid Relationships

A workplace only harbors business. This is the reason why your boss is not going to be very happy about you getting pally with your colleagues. So, don’t get very optimistic about love relationship at workplace, since they have fat chance of jeopardizing your professional career. It is difficult to avoid getting friendly with office colleagues since you spend maximum time of the day with them. A suggestion here is, keep it down while in office premises.

Social No-Networking

Limit you social activities in the virtual world, while you are at office. Hours of online chat with friends and sending mails through corporate mail-id, can get you into trouble in the long run. Every employer keeps a close watch on his employees and monitors his/her action. There is no point in contesting this since it will lead to your loss at the end. So, just be careful of what you are browsing through while you are at office.

Eating Habits

Be considerate of others while you are eating at your desk. If you are a non-vegetarian, avoid bringing aromatic food items such as fish and mutton at the desk. Finish it off in the dining area or eat it while your co-worker is away from the desk. If the food item is oily, make sure you wash your hands before you touch anything else at the desk as oil tainted documents make a terrible impression.

An integral part of this etiquette is to keep your emotions and your intentions clear from each other. Following these aforementioned guidelines will not guarantee a successful career, but it will surely help you earn an insurmountable goodwill with the colleagues and the bosses. And definitely, that’s all you need to make a rock-steady career!

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