Work Permits for Minors

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Work Permits for Minors

Even though you may have your own business, if you want your children to work there to gain valuable experience, you will have to obtain work permits for them. The requirements and conditions to obtain work permits varies largely from state to state. Here’s more.

A majority of people are confused about obtaining work permits for minors or teens. This is due to the variations in related laws and ordinances that differ from state to state. If you need to get a work permit for your minor, you need to refer to the requirements of your respective state. Work permits are required to be obtained in 42 states in the US. A few of these states require permits for kids who are below 16 years of age, whereas others need permits for teens below 18.

What are Work Permits for Minors

A work permit is legal permission for teens over 12 and under 18 years of age to be employed. Its laws and obligations are not the same for all states, they may differ as per state requirements. However, you do not require a work permit for certain jobs. The primary functions of work permits include ensuring that minors are not forced to be overworked and are not underpaid, and making sure that they do not work in hazardous surroundings. If a minor below 12 years of age is a performer or an entertainer, he can work in the entertainment industry after obtaining a special permit for that category.

Jobs for Minors

You would not require to get a work permit if you are working in gardens or orchards which are owned by your parents or guardians. Work around the house, working as volunteers, or any kind of yard work are also some jobs which do not require work permits. You need to obtain a work permit if you intend to work at convenience shoppes, factories, public schools, and warehouses. Moreover, you would also require a permit for jobs in eateries, bakeshops, and other food-related occupations. There are different jobs for minors that fit in different age groups. According to the ordinances of your respective state, younger teenagers would possibly not be allowed to work on the same jobs as elder teenagers.

Work Hours and Shifts for Teens

The work hours and shifts are also important aspects when it comes to minors. A majority of work permits have a condition that minors are only allowed to work in part-time jobs, and also specify till what time teens can work. Every state allows different number of work hours to minor employees. Few states have different work hours for minors that belong to different age groups, and some have a flat schedule that such employees can work.

For instance, in California, teens between 16 and 17 years are allowed to work for a maximum of 36 hours per week when school is in session, whereas, minors between 14 to 15 are allowed to work only for a maximum of 18 hours per week. When schools are not in session, the maximum working hours of the 16 to 17 age group is 48 hours, whereas for those in the 14 to 15 age group is 40 hours per week.

Prohibited and Hazardous Jobs for Minors

  • Carrying out manufacturing and stacking of explosive materials.
  • Driving or acting as an outside assistant on an automobile.
  • Working in coal mines, or in any type of mining activities.
  • Cutting down trees or working in a sawmill.
  • Operating powered carpentry machines; lifting apparatus; or metal-forming, perforating, and fleecing machines.
  • Working in an environment where there is exposure to radioactive materials.
  • Working in meatpacking or treating occupations that involve controlling powered meat slicing setups.
  • Functioning powered paper production apparatus, including waste paper balers and paper box compacters.
  • Working in the production of brick, tile, and other stone products.
  • Operating powered circular sawing machines, band saws, and guillotine fleeces.
  • Carrying out roofing tasks and all work that relates to roofs.

Obtaining Work Permits

Work permits generally assert the minor’s birth date, age, enrollment status, and overall attendance in school. Obtaining a work permit for minors is a very easy and hassle free task. If you want to get a work permit for your minor child, you first need to determine if the job he/she is seeking or has got requires a work permit. If it does, you need to consult the guidance counselor at his/her school. The minor has to get a job first, as he/she would be required to know what responsibilities needs to be carried out in the job before applying for a work permit. Make sure that the minor does not get any of the hazardous jobs which are mentioned above.

Affirm that the minor’s work schedule is set according to the present labor laws. You are then required to obtain an application regarding work permit from the school’s administrative department. Submit the application along with the essential documents to the school itself. You can get the permit from the school system three to five days after the application has been submitted.

If the minor is doing his schooling at home or is studying in a private school, you are required to approach a local public middle or high schools to obtain the work permit. You may contact the board of such schools for getting more information on the necessities and conditions for being eligible for getting a work permit for your teen.

You need to be a bit careful in the process of obtaining work permits for minors, as the laws and ordinances may differ from state to state. One should also know that which jobs for teens will require a permit and which will not. If you have any doubts regarding the procedure, simply ask for help from the minor’s school board.

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