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Myriad career options create confusion and add to the anxiety of picking an appropriate one. It makes it increasingly difficult to know which direction to go to. Leave all your worries aside, and take this quiz to know which career will suit your personality the best.

Make a living by doing what you enjoy, and you never have to work a day in your life.
~ Confucius

If our career decisions were to be based on whims and fancies, we would be pursuing a new one everyday. However, devoid of liberty, we begin to map our career routes by our likes, interests, and inclinations. We try and look at jobs that would utilize our core competencies, which largely define who we are, and what we have become over the years. This is why we often ponder about which career to pick and which interest to pursue.

Before you make any concrete decision about your career, it is important to consider a few things, like your skills set, personality, and your prime interests. After all, what you intend to do for a lifetime has to be something you like. Knowing your personality better helps you understand facets about yourself that you never knew. It may also help you to hone a few skills and sharpen certain abilities. Picking a career that suits your personality can truly help you in being an efficient employee. Take this quiz to know exactly what type of a career will suit your personality.

Which Career Will Suit Your Personality? Take the Quiz

1. Define yourself in one word…

  • Organized
  • Practical
  • Analytical

2.You like taking up tasks or projects which….

  • Require innovative thinking.
  • Involve repetitive actions.
  • Working in isolation.

3. In a working environment, you would like to be…

  • The center of attention.
  • A decently performing employee and away from the limelight.
  • Left alone.

4. In group meetings you…

  • Always have a point to make, and you voice it too.
  • You are generally an active listener, and you will follow what is suggested.
  • No matter what is said, you will go ahead and do the tasks in your way.

5. Your ideal working environment is…

  • A fast-paced and dynamic workspace.
  • A structured working place where a pattern is followed.
  • A working area which lets you handle the project on your own.

6. A criticism…

  • Is taken in stride by you, and you attempt to put it to constructive use.
  • You are largely indifferent to it, as you understand it is a part of every working environment.
  • You turn a deaf ear, as you sincerely believe that you work to satisfy your need of self-actualization.

7. You perceive risk and adventure in a workplace as…

  • A challenge that helps you gain new experiences and learn new skills.
  • Absolutely unnecessary, and oftentimes taking them up can lead to losses.
  • You would rather term them as an exploration.

8. The most productive time of the day for you is…

  • Every time period spent on completion of a certain task and reaching the deadline successfully.
  • The mornings are the most effective period for you, as you reach work with a fresh mind.
  • None. Specifying a time is restricting how you work. It is the inspiration that decides the time for you.

9. You would best describe your attitude towards your work as…

  • Workaholic.
  • Means to earn a decent livelihood.
  • A medium to self-discovery and fulfillment.

10. Your biggest achievement is…

  • Highest order of appreciation from your employer.
  • A hike in your salary.
  • The moment when you have finished what you started.
Your result will display here…

Knowing your personality can help you make a dedicated effort towards shaping your career properly. An assessment of your inclinations, abilities, and skills can help you evolve as a far more confident person. It also gives you a better understanding of how your personality can impact your career, giving you a hold over your core competency.

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