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What Makes a Good Project Manager

What Makes a Good Project Manager

So, what makes a good project manager and how can one get better at their job? Well, it takes persistence, ambition, and a positive outlook to succeed in this field.
Mukta Gaikwad
Good Project Manager
Being a manager is action, not position. An effective manager is the one who leads his team from the front and becomes a team player when needed. He understands the values of human and material resource and has the tact to use both, in an optimum way. It isn't a degree that makes a good project manager, but his foresight, intellect and experience that help him reach success, even in most challenging situations. A job as such demands a person to adapt to inception of newer technologies and keep up with the changing times with innovative techniques.

Qualities of a Good Project Manager

Such mangers are expected to use the available resources of the organization in the best possible way. This results in early completion of predetermined targets, increases profitability, delivers work satisfaction, motivates your team and makes you a successful project manager. If the intricacies of assigned project, men, material and money are observed right from the start, it will assist a great deal in allocation of the same. Thus being observant is one must-have quality to succeed in this field. Remember, that there is always more to any sight, than what meets the eye. Paying close attention, quick perception and diligence towards noticing every intricate detail strengthens the subtle power of being observant.

A good project manager is the one who chalks out his vision for the company and plans out a project accordingly. Forward thinking inspires action and enables creation. It is an ingredient, without which the recipe of making a winning project would definitely fail. A project manager with a clear vision, becomes the rock steady pillar of strength of his teammates, motivating them at every point of slowdown. Having a vision, is having a guideline. Without any vision, one would be lost and a mere wanderer in the labyrinth of corporate culture.

Communication is the ability to put forth a thought in a way that the audience understands it. Thus, effective communication demands you to learn a different language, perfect your articulation, master your intonations, originality of thought and careful choice of words. Without communication, such a manager cannot lead his team. Being in constant communication with team members is one of the important duties of a project manager. Excellent communication skills are an integral part of being a good manager. Motivation, negotiation, persuasion, allocation and defining work schedule is only possible with effective communication skills.

Planning is rehearsed action. It includes thinking, before you blindly plunge into a project. A good project manager understands that one needs to plan and define the nature of work, its scope and its feasibility prior to taking up a project. The same must be communicated to his subordinates, who would play an important part in completion of the same.

Delegation of Work
Rome wasn't built in a day and it definitely wasn't built by one man. For timely completion of work, it needs to be delegated amongst team members. It allows smooth work flow and averts the unnecessary pressure caused by deadlines. Delegation of work is a gesture that indicates the bestowing of trust on team members. This builds a good work rapport and goes a long way in making long-lasting professional relationships.

Every day presents a new challenge, that demands a unique solution. An efficient manager knows how to solve problems for the team. He can tackle any pressurizing situation and lead the team on the paths of glory.

Apart from this, a good project manager also needs to have good interpersonal skills, sense of time management, a composed demeanor, compassion towards his team members' problems and an acumen to build a winning team.