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Jobs That Require a High School Diploma

Are you a high school student looking for career prospects right after your graduation? Find out your options with a high school diploma, in this article.
CareerStint Staff
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College education does not necessarily translate into a great career. Similarly, a high school diploma does not mean you will have to spend your life doing odd jobs. One can easily climb stairs of success by holding a mere high school graduation diploma. There are so many people who made it to board rooms of reputed companies in spite of lack of college degree. A high school diploma is sufficient enough to secure a career in your favorite field just by adding a few certifications and vocational courses to your credit. Such programs can be completed part-time, in less than a year. You can then explore myriad opportunities in any field of your choice.
Fast Growing Jobs with a High School Diploma
There are number of reasons why people choose to look for a job right after high school. One of the most common reasons is sky high cost of college education. Not everyone can afford the tuition fees and other expenses required for college education. Besides, people are not willing to spend years studying, in order to obtain a college degree. In the times of economic recession, even a college degree cannot assure you a great job. In such circumstances, you should focus on other skills and requirements, which may come in handy, in addition to a high school graduation diploma. Taking a career test for high school students may enable you to find out your area of excellence.
Dental Assistants
Careers in dentistry are often amongst most sought after careers. Dental assistants are also very much in demand owing to the growth in this industry. However, dental assistants are not to be confused with dental hygienists. Dental assistants work in dental offices and their job includes sterilization of dental equipment, maintaining and retrieving patient records and preparing patients for a session with the dentist. You may need to complete a program in dental assistance to enhance your career prospects.
Customer Service
There are hundreds of job opportunities in customer service in various businesses. The job responsibility involves addressing customer grievances, forwarding complaints, providing information and resolving customer queries. Although, this job does not demand any extra qualification apart from a high school diploma, you need to have certain interpersonal skills to excel in your job.
Clerical jobs can be found in various sectors such as retail, banking, education, government etc. The job description varies as per the type of clerical job you opt for. Typical responsibilities include data entry, maintaining records, administration, correspondence etc.
Accounting jobs are also available in diverse fields such as finance, educational institutes, hospitals, service stations etc. Job responsibilities include computing interest, bringing accounts up to date, salary calculations etc. Accountants must be able to use advance accounting software.
Fitness Trainers
If you are passionate about fitness, then this is a great career to make money out of your passion. Fitness trainers are in demand in gyms, clubs, educational institutes, hospitals and various other community settings. You need to have a vocational award or fitness certification in addition to your high school diploma.
If you wish to make a career in grooming industry, then you can acquire a certification or vocational award in any beauty area such as hair, nail etc. You will be required to possess a license to be able to work as a stylist.
Transportation sector also offers many job opportunities. You can work as drivers, delivery men, loaders etc.
Most of the above mentioned careers allow you to garner requisite skills while on job. After gaining enough experience and expertise, you can move to the next level. You need not settle for minimum wages, instead aim for higher salary by acquiring skills and specializations while on your way up to the top of career ladder.