What is the Salary of an Animal Shelter Manager?

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What is the Salary of an Animal Shelter Manager?

An animal shelter manager has to look after the day-to-day activities in an animal shelter. Learn more on the pay details of an animal shelter manager through this article…

An animal shelter provides a home to the abandoned and homeless animals, especially to pet animals like cats, dogs, goats, etc., The main aim of animal shelters is caring for these lost and lonely animals until they find their actual owner, or get a new owner to care and look after them. An animal shelter manager is the person who oversees all the activities at the animal shelter. This is one job where you will get to work with animals, and the manager is the chief person responsible to look after the work at the shelter. Let’s take a look at the salary details, along with the duties and responsibilities of the manager.


There are a number of factors that influence the pay of the manager. The factors that count are – place of work, that is, how big is the organization, the years of experience the manager has, etc. Even factors like the state where the shelter is based is a factor that can determine the pay-packet. Thus we cannot predict a perfect figure for the manager. If we consider all of these factors, the average salary of the manager is around $49,000.

A factor that counts while determining the salary is the type of organization – that is, whether it is privately owned or is owned by some government organization. Obviously, the one which is owned by the government or other reputed organization would offer a higher pay range. If the animal shelter is quite big with many animals, the number of employees will also be big. The duties of the manager will thus increase and he will have increased responsibilities. The salary would thus see an upward growth. The pay will be above $30,000 and may cross the $60,000 mark, if the manager is working in some big unit with many employees.

Job Profile

Like any other manager, the manager looks after the working of the shelter to cater to the needs of the animals. Listed below are some of the important responsibilities that the manager has to carry out.

  • There are many employees who are involved in taking care of the animals, the manager assigns duties to the employees and also monitors that all the duties are being carried out effectively.
  • He has to develop and implement various plans that will improve the functioning of the shelter.
  • Budget and expenditure is also a sector that the manager has to look at. He has to report the financial details concerning the organization to the administrative authorities.
  • There are many people who contribute funds for the improvement of the shelter. The manager has to manage these funds, answer to the mails, letters and also to the queries of people.
  • He has to also look at the various procedures and policies concerning the unit where he works. This may include addressing customer concerns like adoption assistance, etc.,
  • He may also be involved with promoting the organization and its policies to the media to advertise animal care and adoption.

Becoming an Animal Shelter Manager

Are you interested in the working of an animal shelter and want to contribute to serving abandoned animals? The educational requirements vary as per the employers; in some cases the criteria is stringent, like the employers may demand a diploma or degree in business management. There are now specialized courses that teach the skills of animal shelter management to interested students. You can pursue them and increase the probability of employment. A basic knowledge of the working of various instruments, syringes and injections is also expected from the manager. He should also have sound mathematical and quantitative knowledge apart from being an expert in communication skills.

Mentioned above were the details of the pay of an animal shelter manager, which is not a perfect figure. You need to be hardworking to become a manager for an animal shelter, because the shelter is generally a big place and managing it in the correct expected way is no easy task.

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