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What Does Parse Resume Mean?

What Does Parse Resume Mean?
Resume parsing is a process carried out by software that helps recruiters 'parse' your 'resume' (literally). It picks up data from your resume and stores it in the appropriate fields in the job application format. The CareerStint article below will explain this concept in detail.
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Jack: Hey, have you submitted your job application?
Connie: Not, I have yet to upload my resume.
Jack: Do not forget to use the 'parse resume' option.
Connie: Eh???
Is your expression right now similar to that of Connie? What does having your resume parsed mean? While coming across the word 'parsing', many of us assume it to be computer programming codes and the like; however, the word explores its meaning in other contexts too. As in this case, we have resume parsing. Technically, it only signifies the transfer of information from one form to the other. It is a technique by which recruiters are able to save valuable time. Many recruiters hire in bulk; at such times, it is practically impossible for them to go through each and every CV. This option, therefore, helps them create a proper record.
The meaning of 'parse resume' is the process of shifting essential data from the source to the destination. In the paragraphs below, you will learn more about this, along with some examples of parse resume.
The Procedure of Parsing
Job Application
  • There are a number of ways of presenting information on a resume―some begin with their personal details, some with their objective, some with educational qualifications, etc.
  • Let us suppose that there is a new job opening, for which you plan to apply.
  • This job will attract many other potential candidates other than you.
  • When you submit your resume on the job site, you may see an option called 'Parse resume'.
  • When you click on this link, your resume will be parsed, and sent to the recruiter, i.e., every detail on the resume will be picked up by the parse option and stored separately on the job application site for further processing.
  • The recruiter will be able to view a very detailed bio-data in the standard format as set by the computer, instead of going through each resume physically and finding appropriate details.
  • For example, this option will collect your name, date of birth, work experience, skills, education, etc., and store them in related data fields on the job application site, thus creating a new report. This is done for every resume that is received.
  • Many recruiters undertake mass recruitment, and this procedure proves immensely useful in such cases.
  • In this case, the company needs your resume for record-keeping purposes.
  • When you submit your resume at the desired email address or site, your data is automatically extracted from your e-mail or document and transferred to the standard format as designed by the company.
Resume Parsing Software
  • The speed of recruitment and parsing depends on the accuracy of the resume parser software.
  • This software is written using computer language codes and scripts, in a way that the computer can analyze and understand the data as fast as possible.
  • The way your resume is drafted also plays an important role in the efficient functioning of this software. If your resume contains unnecessary graphics and other elements, the parsing software might have a problem in processing the same.
  • Avoid over-formatting as well―if the recruiter's parsing system has a particular standard format, any formatting that is different will pose a problem. Again, this depends on the efficiency and scope of the system.
  • Pay special attention to the keywords used in your resume, this will separate the qualified and unqualified candidates.
Resume Parsing Via Email
  • In the above case, you've actually had to go the respective job site and upload your resume.
  • But, what if the recruiter requests you to apply via email? In such a case, when you mail a resume, parsing is carried out by a resume parser software at the recruiter's end.
  • This is helpful to eliminate spam mails, duplicate resumes, and multiple emails.
1.Candidate sends resume for job application

2.Recruiter receives email notification in resume inbox

3.Email attachments are parsed using software

4.Final candidate record is generated
Benefits of CV Parsing
  • The time required for processing resumes has drastically reduced.
  • A functional auto-mode exists rather than manual data-entry.
  • The software ensures reduction of manual errors.
  • Some software extract data from multiple attachments, making the task even simpler.
  • A detailed, efficient candidate record is generated.
Resume parsing has been in active use for quite a while now, given the multitude of job opportunities and the increase in the working population. Companies are coming up with newer and more efficient software to parse resumes in order to save precious time.
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