What are the Best Jobs for Felons?

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What are the Best Jobs for Felons?

One has to consider the interest area, skills, and natural aptitude of felons before hiring them. The article below will concentrate on some of the best jobs for felons.

If you have been released from the prison recently and you’re trying to find a job, don’t repeat the mistake that has been committed by many other felons. Don’t attempt to forge your profile to your employer. Even if you do, you may get caught in criminal background checks, thereby ending your prospects of getting a decent employment. There are quite a number of jobs for ex-felons, and it is not a big deal to get them, only if you’re ready to change your attitude. There are jobs that match your interest, pay you well, and help you lead a peaceful life. You’ll be paid as per market rates; but expect a hike or growth, after you show potential to your employer. Like every other job, you will need sufficient experience to get a good pay. You have to start gradually, and then move on in your career.

Job Opportunities for Felons

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  • When applying for felony jobs, be honest and try to develop skills.
  • Your resume, for instance, must be drafted creatively. It must highlight your strengths and abilities.
  • You have to try to change your life, amend your ways, and become a responsible person. It is very depressing to be not accepted by the society if you have once been convicted of felon,y but this doesn’t mean there is no light at the end of tunnel.
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  • No company can legally refuse to hire you on grounds of being involved in felony, unless it is related to that particular profession.
  • For example, say, you wish to become a customer relationship agent in a customer care wing of a firm, but you’re denied on basis of being involved in felony, it’s more than preposterous. If you have the right skills and temperament and you’re willing to work honestly, it is ridiculous and inhumane on the part of the firm to not hire you as customer care agent designation, wherein all you’ll be doing is to interact with customers on phone.
  • Even though employers refuse you blatantly, be frank and honest and don’t get swayed about negative responses.
  • Present your facts correctly. Lying to your employer and getting caught later. Exercise your determination to become an eligible candidate for the jobs you’re choosing.
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Type of Job Information About the Job
Army Jobs The salvation army offers jobs to convicts and ex-felons in variety of job setups. It is just like an opportunity for felons to pay for the wrong done to the society. Army employs felons in construction, clerks, maintenance, and occupational works. Under Moral Waiver Program, the US army forgives convicts for some crimes. To know more about the program, visit the official website of US army.
Drivers Driving jobs provide decent jobs for convicted felons. Trucking jobs have been known to be a risky profession and by salary negotiation, felons are hired by various truck owners. Although, there are some formalities and strict rules for obtaining driving licenses, it is not uncommon for felons to find jobs in driving.
Self Employment Felons can try to start a small business. Starting a business is although again a risky affair, there are several home based business opportunities that one can start working on. Online jobs like freelancing work and content writing can provide opportunities to work from home and earn pretty decent.
Market Research There are a lot of marketing and advertising companies that offer felons the job to conduct field marketing surveys. These posts don’t require a very deep knowledge and just require data surveying and collection.
Delivery Man Pizza, flower, and delivery of foods are some other jobs where felons can try their luck. Obviously, these are not well-paid jobs, but they will help increase your confidence.
Customer Relationship Management Since in this profession, one is not required to meet clients personally but they need to be addressed on phones, felons with a good command over English or other languages can work in this field.

When felons hardly have any choice in terms of jobs, it seems quite difficult which jobs can be the best one for them. Since felons applying for jobs have limited options, any of the above jobs that can help them provide their families with a day’s meal is probably best for them. They must apply at many places so that they have many options to consider from.

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