Warehouse Manager Job Description and Salary

Warehouse Manager Job Description and Salary

The job of a warehouse manager mainly consists of duties that are related to storing and dispatching goods for further distribution in the supply chain process. This article provides more information on their job description and salary ranges.
The supply chain is a vital element in making goods or products reach the market and the consumer. Generally, this process constitutes the production, storage, and distribution of a commodity. One of the main essentials of supply chain management is the storage of goods to be sold. It's here that the role of a warehouse manager is extremely crucial. They oversee the maintenance of a warehouse, and the incoming, storage, and dispatch of goods. Usually, they are employed in large retail facilities, food processing units, or manufacturing companies.

Duties and Responsibilities

The first task is to make sure that the warehouse is ready for storing goods till the prescribed time. He has to assign duties to the workers and manage the functioning of the unit. In larger operations, he may also have to look into the payroll, absence management, and overtime pay for the workers.

He has to ensure that the building and goods are safe from natural calamities, bad weather, straying animals, or any other danger which can spoil the stock. With the security of the goods, he has to verify if the health and safety standards are being followed. Managing the housekeeping staff is also one of his daily duties. He sends reports to the logistics head regarding the inventory, dead stock, manpower required, etc.

He may be asked to negotiate transportation charges with the carriers of goods in bulk. Overall coordination with the suppliers, customers, and transportation companies is one of his major responsibilities. Other activities include ensuring inventory accuracy, efficient utilization of storage space, recruitment and training of staff, planning future capacity requirements, and motivating the team to meet their targets. In a small operation, he is more hands-on and may have one or two workers to support him.

Average Pay Range

The average salary for this position is recorded at USD 62,000 per annum. Listed below is a classification of the average pay range as per city, state, employment industry, and years of experience.

Years of ExperienceAverage Salary Range
Up to One YearUSD 30,000 to USD 41,000
One to Four YearsUSD 32,500 to USD 46,500
Five to Nine YearsUSD 37,000 to USD 53,500
10 - 19 YearsUSD 41,500 to USD 62,000
Over 20 YearsUSD 45,000 to USD 64,000

State of EmploymentAverage Salary Range
PennsylvaniaUSD 42,500 to USD 64,000
CaliforniaUSD 40,000 to USD 60,500
New JerseyUSD 41,000 to USD 62,500
New YorkUSD 40,000 to USD 62,000
IllinoisUSD 40,000 to USD 60,000

City of EmploymentAverage Salary Range
Los AngelesUSD 40,500 to USD 62,500
DenverUSD 37,500 to USD 62,000
ChicagoUSD 39,500 to USD 61,000
HoustonUSD 42,000 to USD 60,000
AtlantaUSD 37,500 to USD 55,000

Employment IndustryAverage Salary Range
Shipping and LogisticsUSD 39,500 to USD 60,000
Retail or Wholesale DistributionUSD 37,000 to USD 56,000
Manufacturing and DistributionUSD 41,000 to USD 62,000
Food ProcessingUSD 45,500 to USD 68,000
Furniture DealershipsUSD 33,000 to USD 43,000

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in this profession are expected to grow by 5% annually between 2012 - 2022.