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Walmart Employment Test

Before you're hired in Walmart retail stores, you're expected to clear the first stage of the test. This can be done by applying for the job, and appearing for the preliminary test conducted to test the candidate's potential for the designation.
Kundan Pandey
In case you're seeking a job in Walmart, the biggest retail chain store in the world, you will be glad to know that there are numerous opportunities to work in. Being one of the largest corporate entities of the world, it offers careers in various fields like marketing, advertising, pharmacy, store management, logistics, and even computer fields (web developer, web designer etc.).
Assessment Test
To recruit employees for its retailing chain stores, a pre-employment test is conducted that screens candidates, based on administrative and customer relation skills. The exam consists of a set of 65 questions distributed in four sections. The four sections judge the competency of candidates in several areas. Know more about the four sections further.
Section 1
Consisting of 6 MCQs (multiple choice questions), the areas tested in this section are customer and employee relations. The aim of these MCQs is to gauze your conflict resolution skills, and your thinking ability while handling conflicts. While working in a retail store, one is bound to encounter several difficult situations, it's one of the most required personality skills in the employees. For instance, they may ask you that how would you deal with angry customers, their complaints, and sometimes, even outrageous behavior. Maturity and professionalism in dealing with conflicts related to co-workers is also judged. Each question deals with a situation and among several options available, you're required to choose the most suitable one, as per your judgment.
Section 2
In this section, work-related questions are asked. For instance, they may ask you to rate yourself for questions like - 'I feel I'm efficient in doing my work' or 'I finish tasks allotted to me on time'.
Section 3
In the 3rd section, you're supposed to state whether you agree, disagree, strongly disagree, strongly agree, don't agree with the idea or statement mentioned in the question. You may also be asked several self-analysis questions about your attitude, behavior, and moral issues. Hence, here they test your decision-making skills and thinking patterns.
Section 4
In this section, you're asked questions about your previous work experience, your work, if you preferred quality more than quantity in your work, whether you were good in time management. Several questions about discipline are also asked in this section.
A Few Tips
Focus on some fundamental tips to pass this test:
  • Register on the official Walmart website, and make your own account. You must be aware about profile of Walmart, and the job openings it is offering.
  • Fill an application form on the website. You will be asked about various designations you wish to apply for. You will also be given preferences for working in several retail stores of Walmart. Your skills (for example, being multilingual), past work experience, and various other questions will be asked in the application form. Fill all details properly especially contact number, and address of communication.
  • After this, you will have to appear for the test. Give the exam, and make sure you score well.
  • If you fail in the exam, you can retake the test after 60 days.
  • If you pass the exam, then you will be called for an interview, where you will be asked questions based on the details you have filled in the application form, and some general questions of interview.
You must firstly decide the area that interests you and correspondingly, if you have the required degree to apply for the desired position. Once you're sure about what you want, apply and go through the test process. Clearing the test and interview will eventually get you your dream job. All the best!