Walmart Employment Application Process

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Walmart Employment Application Process

The process of applying for employment at Walmart is pretty easy. Read the following article and get an insight on the employment application procedure.

Walmart Stores, Inc. is America’s largest public corporation by revenues, and runs a chain of discount department stores and warehouse stores. It has even set up its own online shopping portal. It was founded by Sam Walton in the year 1962, and is the largest employer as well as the largest grocery retail store chain in the US today. Needless to say that the employment opportunities are endless. Career opportunities at the company include pharmacist, store manager, store associate, optometrist, marketing, advertising, logistics, web designer, web developer, etc. Besides, you also get various benefits like incentives, bonus plans, profit sharing, store discounts, health insurance, 401k plan, education, etc.


The job application process varies as per the type of position that you are applying for. You might also need to take the career assessment test to decide whether you are suitable for that job. There are two means by which you can submit your application. The first option is to apply at the nearest Sam’s Club store and the second is to register online on their careers website. In both the cases, you need to be registered with Walmart. Here are the steps that you need to follow to apply.


Before registering, you need to agree to their terms and conditions that include a background check and drug testing. You also need to acknowledge the fact that omission or misrepresentation of any information can disqualify you from the process, or lead to dismissal if you are already a hired associate. Then, you need to create a membership account which also asks for your social security number (SSN). Once you get registered, you need to fill a form asking for your personal and professional details. Online registration also means that you won’t get a printable application form.

Specify and Select

Along with basic information like gender, nationality, ethnic group, you will need to fill various other fields in the form. However, you can withhold the information about your gender and ethnic group. But you need to select the type of service that you wish to join at the company. For instance, the retailing store, distribution, Sam’s Club, or transportation and logistics. You also need to provide your contact details such as email address and phone number, qualifications and special skills, employment history, and two references.

Avoid Omission

Once you are done with filling the form, read it twice or till the time you are sure that all the information that you have filled in the form is correct and complete. Any omitted fields, especially those which are mandatory, must be filled accurately. You also need to specify the duration of your previous employment, and the duration of the time for which you have been unemployed. In short, don’t bluff about the gaps in your employment history.

Before appearing for the test, and even before filling up the form, you need to check the disclaimers that are published for the aspirants. In case you fail in the pre-employment assessment, you can retake it after 60 days. For supervisory or leadership positions, you may retake the test only after 6 months.

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