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Walmart Cashier Job Description

Walmart Cashier Job Description

Jobs at Walmart have always been the most coveted ones in the retail industry. In this article, we shall discuss the Walmart cashier job description in detail.
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The explosive growth in the retail industry led by top firms like Walmart Inc. has created thousands of jobs in this sector. As a result, we see today's young generation considering retail as a good career option apart from the age-old favorites like information technology and electronics. The post of a cashier is important for the success of any organization and in a huge and successful company like Walmart, this position assumes significant importance. The job has many vital aspects which we shall consider after we get the basic information about Walmart.

Walmart: Basic Information

Walmart is a well-known chain of departmental warehouses and retail stores. Its main strengths are its global presence and highly dedicated staff that are selected by a professional team. Being the largest grocery retailer in the United States of America, Walmart makes huge sales turnover every year and has a high net profit as compared to other retail players in the world. Companies like Walmart get the benefit from rising disposable income of people and a strong economy in general. Clearly, it is a market leader and hence the average salary of its employees is quite impressive.

Those who join Walmart can start of with something between $14,000 to $18,000 per year or even more in some cases. Growth opportunities are limitless and the salary package can go up significantly once you gain experience and are promoted to a higher position. The salary of the senior management is much more as compared to that earned by those belonging to other sectors of the economy. Discounts for every day goods for employees, permission to purchase stock without brokerage payment and health insurance facilities are some of the notable employee benefits.

Job Description of a Cashier at Walmart

As mentioned above, cashiers are important professionals of the Walmart store. They have to be polite and helpful and possess excellent customer service skills, thereby offering a pleasant and convenient shopping experience. Many customers shopping at Walmart have doubts regarding the utility of products. So, cashiers at Walmart are trained to solve all the queries of these people. The main part of cashier job description at Walmart is to process transactions and solve questions regarding the pricing of products. They should be able to efficiently operate all cash register equipment. Special care is taken by the Walmart cashiers while selling items that have age restrictions. While selling these items, they have to ask for the identity of the customers to abide by the government rules in this regard. Ensuring that the environment in the store is safe and clean is also one of the prominent duties of Walmart cashiers.

The job if a cashier at Walmart can be quite challenging because he has to deal with many customers everyday. So, he needs to have excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, logical thinking ability and presence of mind. Besides, he needs to possess basic accounting and computer skills, mathematical and computing skills to complete customer transactions successfully.

The Walmart cashier salary depends on the educational qualifications, skills and experience of the candidate. The average salary of cashiers is around $13,000 as per salary surveys conducted by retail experts. However, one can earn higher salaries with an experience of five to ten years.

From the job description and salary, it is clear that this company is really a dream employer for most youngsters interested to make a career in retail. With hard work and dedication, you will be able to reach considerable heights in this career. Good luck!