Wages and Benefits for a Registered Nurse

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Wages and Benefits for a Registered Nurse

Becoming a registered nurse is quite advantageous these days, with a number opportunities open for this profession. There are many benefits of opting to work as a registered nurse and the remuneration offered is also attractive…

These days registered nurses are very much in demand, and many individuals are opting for this profession, owing to the benefits it offers. This is one health care career which provides competitive remunerations as well as generous benefits. Earlier, a registered nurse was paid a minuscule amount and had to work a lot. But, gone are the days, and today a registered nurse is one of the highest paying jobs in the medical industry, and is also a coveted position.

Wages for Working as a Registered Nurse

The pay scale of a registered nurse mainly depends on the work experience in the relative field. Even though the job is very demanding, it also pays attractive incentives. As the work experience increases so do the wages and benefits for a registered nurse. The wages or salary of a registered nurse is entirely based on the work setting, and also the nature of work rendered. The compensation offered for a registered nurs is also quite an attractive. The wages may vary according to the hospital and state where the RN is practicing. The wages are calculated on an hourly basis and it is also based on the annual income. Several factors like type of specialization, advanced degrees and specialization, industry, and years of experience play a key role in deciding the salary and wages of a registered nurse.

For an hour, the registered nurse earns approximately $32.00, which is an average figure. In case a nurse is freshly out of school, then the hourly wages are about $21.00 and will rise according to experience. The most experienced person may earn up to or even more than $45.00 per hour. On an annual basis, the salary of a registered nurse may range anywhere from $43,375 to $63,365. The compensation may also go up to $114, 000 on a yearly basis, which is the yearly remuneration of the highest paid registered nurse. The amount varies according to the state or metropolitan area where the nurse works. Here is a table which has a mention of the average salary (approximate value) of a registered nurse, calculated annually.

State Name Salary
California $85,085
Massachusetts $81,785
Hawaii $80,025
Maryland $76,335
New Jersey $74,995
Metro City Porterville $111,035
Santa Clara $110,085
San Francisco $98,905
Oakland $97,285
Sacramento $89,775

Registered Nurse – Benefits

A registered nurse (RN) is one who plays a vital role in providing health care services in hospitals, nursing care centers and physician’s offices. Some of the registered nurses are also employed to give home care to elderly patients who are unable to visit a hospital. Registered nurses are also trained to administer anesthesia, IV, dressing a wound, and also supervise their juniors on their work. An RN is also of great assistance in emergency rooms, where they play an imperative role in deciding the treatment and care for patients in all aspects. There are a number of registered nurse benefits, and salaries are also quite attractive, in comparison to the bygone days, where registered nurses were supposed to do menial jobs, take care of patients, and also assist in medical work.

  • As mentioned earlier, being a registered nurse is quite advantageous if monetary and other fringe benefits are taken into consideration. The remunerations received by registered nurses is normally higher than the other nurses. Owing to the high demand for registered nurses, there are several job openings in this much coveted medical field.
  • Another advantage of being a registered nurse is that they can avail of medical facilities at a lower price, which is entitled for individuals in the medical industry. Incentives like housing, bonuses and travel allowances are also provided to the registered nurses. RNs are also entitled to leaves like casual leaves, paid leaves and sick leaves as prescribed by the law. A retirement fund is also available where they can save a part of their salary towards retirement. In case none of the leaves are used up by the RN, then she (or he) can avail it during the year end.
  • Depending on the emergency situations, registered nurses may also have to travel to places. Referred to as a travel nurse, this service requires the individual to travel overseas, or to the location to take care of a patient, who is unable to come to the hospital. Projects and short term assignments may also be given to registered nurses which can earn them extra remunerations apart from the basic salary.

Becoming a registered nurse gives an individual a chance to interact with and treat patients, also help in their rehabilitation, provide emotional support and advice to patients’ families. It can be a financially rewarding as well as a satisfying career.

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