Video Game Tester Job Description

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Video Game Tester Job Description

Video game testers are an important part of the video game industry. This is a tough job which requires you to have essential computer and logic skills. Having said this, the job can be fun filled and full of entertainment and new challenges every day. Let us acquaint ourselves with the video game tester job description in this article.

The video game industry is growing at a rapid pace over the years and according to experts, this growth will continue due to the rising popularity of these games. Though you may enjoy playing video games for hours with your friends, there is a lot of effort and hard work involved to develop a video game. Considering the complications in game development, it is quite possible that there might be errors in this task by professionals working on it. The job description of a video game tester mainly involves finding out and reporting the defects in the development of the video game. Let us see some of these duties.

Duties of a Video Game Tester

  • Video game testers, as mentioned above have to discover faults in the games by using their logical thinking and observation skills.
  • The biggest challenge before them is to solve the problem of lags or sudden and unexpected slowing down of the video game.
  • They have to actually try the game themselves to understand how they can rectify problems and make its functioning more efficient.
  • They make the games problem-free for the millions of video game fans and hence working extremely professionally by taking into consideration the needs of the game fans is extremely important.
  • The job also requires them to test different kinds of games designed for children.
  • The more complicated the game, more will be the focus and attention required.
  • Being flexible to meet your employer’s requirements is necessary. Video game testers also write error reports after examining the video games.
  • Though the video game tester job description is interesting, testers have to spend several hours in computer labs and offices finding errors in the games.
  • The job can be extremely stressful at times like other jobs in the Information Technology (I.T.) sector. So, all those who are ready to work for long hours should only consider entering this field.

Completing your graduation or post graduation in computer programming or computer science can be really helpful to build a successful career in video game testing. Learning new technologies for improving the standards of the video game is also a skill required. The salary of a video game tester is generally paid by employers on an hourly basis. The location of the company, educational qualifications, skills and type of employer play a crucial role in deciding the salary of the game testers.

A good video game tester can easily earn between $50 to $80 per hour. The more time a game tester spends on his assignments, the more will be his earnings. Testers can also earn attractive perks and bonuses. So, if you are really interested in this career, it is the time to improve your computer skills and get in touch with game developers.

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