Veterinarian Salary

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Veterinarian Salary

Ever wondered what is the veterinarian salary? If you wish to make a career in this field and are concerned about the pay scale of veterinarians, then read this article that presents some information about the veterinarian salary.

Taking Care Of A Baby Deer

“I’m a 16-year-old boy and I wish to become a vet when I grow up. I have always loved animals and I have spend a major portion of my childhood living on a ranch. I still remember, I would frequently see sick horses, cows and sometimes even our dogs. I always wanted to help the sick animals and volunteered to help the ones in my locality. And so, I’m considering the possibility of becoming a veterinarian. The veterinarian salary, though, concerns my parents, as it is not hefty. Still, seeing my love for the job, they have allowed me to pursue this field. I’m determined to reach my goal and I will love to become a veterinarian.” ~ Francis, a student

“I have seen many parents and students confused about taking up the veterinary field as a career. Some of the possible reasons are higher expectations of earning a good sum and a general unawareness about growth in this field. I don’t think that students who wish to become veterinarian should be overly concerned about veterinarian salary. I have been working as a vet since the last 20 years and at this stage of my career, I’m pretty satisfied with my income level. I own a veterinary clinic and I entered this profession for the passion of helping sick animals” ~ John, a veterinary expert in Houston.

As reflected in the above two comments, by a student and a professional, it is a fact that being a veterinarian is not a glamorous profession. However, for those who love animals and are ready to work for animal welfare, this field can open avenues for great career opportunities. In the recent years, the veterinarian salary has risen, thanks to the heightened awareness among the layman about various diseases that pets get infected with. For those aspirants who have opted for careers in veterinary, being a veterinarian is an excellent option and it entitles them for earning better salaries and enjoy a reputed job. Knowing about the true facets of the salary is important so that one can be aware of the possibility of his earning potential in this job. Fortunately, in the recent years, there has been a drastic increase in demand of hospital jobs with respect to veterinarians.

Average Salary Range

According to recent trends and surveys, in the initial years, the average veterinarian salary range is between US$ 50,000 to US$ 70,000 annually. If you analyze various salary ranges for jobs, you will find that in the initial years, salaries of freshers are lesser as compared to those professionals who have considerable work experience. For veterinarians who have work experience between one to four years, the salary ranges between US$ 55,000 and US$ 75,000 annually. Besides work experience and educational qualifications, the salary of a veterinarian also depends on the branch of practice.

Even in the private practice clinics, the salary depends on whether the person is a specialist, owns the clinic and has considerable work experience. Veterinarians who own clinics can command decent salaries as, the higher their assets, more will be their fees. However, this varies for every city and can drastically differ depending on property rates. The salary range for vets having a work experience of around five to nine years, is between US$ 60,000 to US$ 85,000 per year. Veterinarians who have been working for 20 years can earn as high as US$ 100,000 annually!!

As we can see, the veterinarian salary range is decent and with perseverance, one can succeed in this field. While job satisfaction and love for helping animals are two important parameters that motivate many people to become veterinarian, the remuneration is also a matter of concern for various other aspirants. So, if your aptitude and interests are inclined towards this field, then do mobilize your efforts to pursue a career as a veterinarian. Wish you luck!

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