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Up and Coming Careers 2018

Up and Coming Careers 2018
It is the time to analyze the economic scenario and job opportunities that this year would bring along. Moreover, 2018 might be a crucial year in USA due to digitization and automation. But these in turn have also opened a lot of new opportunities and job avenues that are sure to gain prominence in coming future.With a hope that this Christmas and new year will bring the best of our economic system to us, let us know about some up and coming careers in the year 2018.
CareerStint Staff
Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017
The political and social atmosphere in the USA, reflects that its citizens are expecting more reforms from the government, especially in reducing the unemployment rate that has been around 4.1% in the last year. Choosing right careers is a decision that is dreaded by both parents and students. The potential threat of being unable to repay education loans even forces several students to drop out from colleges and pursue jobs to sustain themselves.
Up and coming Careers of 2018
Let's have a look at the careers that are likely to gain prominence in 2018.
Web Application Developer
IT professionals such as web developers are in high demand as technology is developing everyday.
As web pages have become a prerequisite for promoting and marketing of product in any organization, developers have started finding prominence in every industry. Hot in demand, many institutions provide course work for expertise in areas such as graphic design, animation, and computer science languages. A web designer of a company can expect to earn anywhere between $60,000 to $80,000 annually.
This is one of the fastest growing profession which provides an opportunity to learn about the technology that is around us. Developer should be skilled enough to adapt to the rapid changes happening everyday. This field also requires both analytic and creative thinking.
Airplane Pilot
The airline pilots are responsible for transportation of passengers and freight.For being a pilot, college degree is not needed but enrolling in a flying school to complete the pilot course to get the FAA CPL (Commercial Pilot License) involving completion of at least 1,500 flight hours is a must. This profession has gained wider recognition because of its high-paying nature.
Pilots earn between $115,300 to $119,000 annually with some additional perks from the airline they are working for.
The job of a pilot involves a lot of stress, as the resposibility of safe take offs, landings, and overall safety of passengers is in the pilot's hands.
This is a highly specialized branch of dentistry that deals with removal of jaw irregularities by correctly placing the ill-positioned teeth. To become this skilled dental practitioner, a DDS degree from a recognized dental school followed by certifications from authorized dental organizations involving rigorous training (usually three to five years) is mandatory.
This is a budding career in the field of dental sciences. An orthodontist earns between $111,000-$165,000 annually.
The expertise of an orthodontist also lies in realignment of tooth thus improving the overall working of tooth and jaw and enhancing the dental features appearance. This cosmetic dental service is a highly lucrative job with massive demand in USA.
Video Game Designer
Thanks to the technology boom and the mercurial increase in usage of smartphones. Video game industry has evolved and is one of the most sought after profession. The main responsibilities of video game designers are animation and graphics organization. A bachelor's degree in game design and development followed with a certificate in any related course is required for entering this profession.
A highly skilled video game designer can earn anywhere between $74,000 and $77,000 per year.
This profession requires a wonderful fusion of technical skill and creative innovation. The demand for augmented-reality and virtual-reality gaming jobs has tremendously increased in recent times. It has a huge scope for those who are passionate about gaming.
Technical Writer
Technical writers create content for articles and journals with originality and accuracy of the information being the key aspects. Technical writers transform technical terms into simple ones so that a not-so-technical person can also understand the content.
A college degree with experience in a technical subject is generally important for this job.
Average salary of technical writers ranges from $60,000 to $70,000.
Technical writers also design instruction manuals, marketing documents, user and buyer guides etc.
Good communication and writing skills along with self-motivation are prerequisites for this job. It is considered a less stressful job and has a promising growth in future.
Interpreter And Translator
Interpreters and translators interpret and translate information from one language into another language.This profession is a budding one owing to its importance in marketing products and related services. Interpreters and translators mainly require an expertise in english and at least one other language (which is usually in demand) along with a  bachelor’s degree.
On an average an interpreter and translator earns between $47,000-$69,000 annually depending upon language combination.
While Interpreters work on the language orally or through sign language, translators deal with written language.An Interpreter and translator should be very eloquent and articulated in his speech. Rapid globalization and frequent immigration are the key factors for this job to have seen an exponential growth in USA.
Law, medicine, IT, hospitality, entertainment are few other industries that require interpreters and translators on a larger scale.
Meteorologists study the climatic conditions and provides forecast report to the news and government agencies. The meteorologist makes predictions based on real-time weather conditions, and their numerical and historical data. A bachelor's degree of Applied Sciences in Meteorology is essential for entry in this profession.
A meteorologist earns around $51,000 annually on an average. This profession is slowly paving its path in becoming a promising career prospect.
The meteorologist should be skilled enough to explain his analysis and predictions in a lucid way for the audiences to understand. Due to the increase in the number of natural disasters, some meteorological companies and news agencies have started hiring their own meteorologists, so that they get to know any change in the climate immediately, thus increasing employment opportunities.
Understanding of graphics for visual representation is also important in this profession. Although it involves working on weekends, job satisfaction is usually high.
Special Education Teacher
Today there is a need of excellent, well-trained and compassionate teachers who can impart quality training to the kids. It is a highly respected job as they can help students inculcate self-confidence and make them a skilled person. A bachelor's degree in special education is required for this profession. A master's degree is an added advantage. 
Special education teachers generally earn between $41,000-$65,000.
In the teaching field, special education teachers are needed more than ever, as the number of schools for children has risen in the recent years. The job prospects are likely to increase over the decade. 
Salaries also depend on the location of the school and funds it receives. The ability to bring a positive change in such special children's life through teaching is the specialty of this profession.
Hope this article on up and coming careers 2018 was resourceful. Note that the salary may depend on location and experience also. These careers are there now and they will also survive the future. All of them show excellent job prospects and the salary package also improves with experience. So choose a career which best suits your interest and start working towards it. Positioning yourself for jobs having potential of significant growth is important as successful career directly depends on the demand for that profession.
Just make sure, you're passionate about your chosen field and try to convert your natural skills into valuable job skills.
Note: Salary data presented in this article are approximations and they are subject to fluctuations because of several factors.