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Types of Doctors and their Salaries

Types of Doctors and their Salaries
What are the earning prospects of different doctors in the medical profession? If you're curious to know about the types of doctors and their earning potential, keep reading.
Kundan Pandey
As we have paced towards growth and development in every sector, the medical field has evolved to become one of the most dynamic and diversified sectors. Today, health care is an established industry with numerous medical jobs and specializations. Doctors and surgeons help provide the much-needed medical care to patients. The services that doctors provide, are indispensable. While there are many specialties and sub-specialties in the medical field, the remunerations of doctors will vary based on the critical nature of their specialization, their experience, knowledge, and skill. Hence, you will find disparity in the earnings of the different types of doctors.
Doctors and their Salaries

The earnings of the types of doctors mentioned below are their average salaries and they may vary depending on factors like work experience, job location, qualification, and employer type. It should be understood that salaries are a function of various parameters and those mentioned here have been approximated and averaged to give you an overview of the earnings in this profession. Generally, the lower range is for beginners and the higher range is for established ones. The following data has been sourced from PayScale and is so, as of July-August, 2013.

Anesthesiologists are physicians who primarily focus on surgical operations and methods of patient relief. They administer medicines (called anesthetics) that help the patients to get rid of pain and sensation during and after a surgery. The salary for anesthesiologists ranges from US$105,402 to US$395,672.
Cardiologists diagnose and treat problems related to the heart. The salary range for cardiologists is between US$69,043 and US$412,406 depending on their work experience and educational qualification.
Doctors specializing in skin health, and diseases of the skin, are known as dermatologists. They are involved in both surgical and medical treatment of skin problems. A dermatologist's salary is usually between US$76,596 and US$439,599.
A specially trained doctor, an endocrinologist diagnoses conditions related to the glands, especially those of the endocrine system. Once an individual is diagnosed of having problems of the endocrine system by his family doctor, he is referred to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist salary ranges between US$90,000 and US$235,000.
General Practitioner (GP)
Generally known as family doctors, GPs treat various medical conditions but are not specialized in any specific medical field. GPs are generally aware of primary care and they also provide preventive health care tips to patients. A GP can earn anywhere between US$63,423 and US$244,765.
Obstetricians/Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in women's reproductive health care. There is a difference between obstetricians and gynecologists, although the terms are used interchangeably. Gynecologists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of problems with reproductive health and they take care of women during pregnancy. Obstetricians specialize in childbirth and taking care of the mother. An obstetrician/gynecologist's salary can range anywhere between US$99,834 and US$272,237.
Neurologists are medical physicians who deal with disorders of the nervous system; that is, ailments related to the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. The salary of a neurologist can range anywhere between US$77,995 and US$313,778.
Unlike neurologists, neurosurgeons are involved in surgical treatments of nervous system disorders pertaining to the spinal cord, brain and other parts of the nervous system. The average salary of a neurosurgeon can range between US$102,297 and US$729,121.
Nephrologists are trained in diagnosing and treating kidney diseases and performing dialysis. Nephrologists can earn anywhere between US$145,615 and US$302,740.
Oncologists are involved in the treatment of cancers and tumors. An oncologist's salary ranges from US$$99,638 to US$393,557.
Ophthalmologists are medical professionals who deal with the anatomy, functions and diseases of the eye. Ophthalmologists deal with surgical and medical eye treatments. The salary range of ophthalmologists is generally between US$122,395 and US$367,348.
Pediatricians are medical professionals who treat illnesses related to children, from early childhood to younger ages. A pediatrician's salary ranges from US$87,100 to US$203,391.
Psychiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and help the patients deal with the effects that mental illnesses have on physical and emotional health. The average salary of psychiatrists ranges between US$90,893 and US$251,321.
Radiologists are medical professionals who utilize imaging technologies like X-ray, CT scans and MRIs to diagnose health ailments. The average radiologist salary ranges from US$96,973 to US$402,046.
Rheumatologists are specially trained in treating rheumatic disorders like arthritis, as also rash, fever, anemia, joint or muscle pain and fatigue. Rheumatologists' salary ranges from US$70,228 to US$208,495.
Urologists are medical professionals who focus on medical problems related to ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. They are also trained to diagnose and treat conditions of the male reproductive organs. The average salary of urologists can be anywhere between US$100,367 and US$464,783.
Apart from these medical fields, andrology has grown to become one of the popular medical specialties in the recent years. Andrologists are doctors who perform clinical tests and evaluations of male fertility. They administer fertility treatments in health care units and also assist in the in vitro fertilization method. According to Indeed, the average annual andrologist salary is $42,000 as of August, 2013.
This article on the varied types of doctors and their salaries must have given you an insight into the various career opportunities in the medical field. If you are considering a career in this sector, you should give a serious thought to what interests you, before looking at the potential salary of the field. This should help you take a better decision.
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