Types of Baby Doctors

There's more to the health and fitness of a baby than we think of. There are different types of doctors who are specialized in rendering appropriate and necessary care to the little ones when they're in trouble. Let us see which ones these are, in this article.
CareerStint Staff
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
When a baby is born, all we see is the family in tears of joy and the baby sleeping cozily in the bed. But there is a lot that goes into the whole process of delivering and maintaining the healthy birth of a baby. There are many types of baby doctors, who have dedicated their lives to the study of pediatrics. They take care of infants and young children, and help them when in need. The world of pediatrics is not limited to the monthly visit to the clinic. There are a lot of other specialists too, who work round the clock to make sure babies and children live a sound and fit life. A few of them have been mentioned in this CareerStint article. Check them out.
Different Types of Baby Doctors
Here, we have for you, a list of the various types of doctors that are responsible for the care and health of babies and young children. Most of them are specialists and need to undergo special training and a residency in their specific field, in addition to a medical degree and a pediatric residency.
Neonatologists: A neonatologist is a doctor who works with those babies who are born prematurely. They handle and monitor the care of these newborns and help them survive the premature birth. Neonatologists also look after babies who are born with serious ailments and newborn babies who are critically ill. It is a job that requires a degree in pediatrics and then an extended study in neonatology.
Pediatrician: A pediatrician is a general practitioner for babies and children. The jobs of a pediatrician are as follows: he performs routine checkups, takes care of minor injuries and common illnesses in children, and when necessary, refers them to specialist doctors too.
Pediatric Oncologist: A pediatric oncologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in babies and children. They are responsible for the use of various methods and medications for treatment of babies and children who suffer from cancer. It is often seen that pediatric oncologists are more proficient in handling their cancer patients.
Pediatric Nephrologist: A pediatric nephrologist is one who looks into kidney disorders in babies and children. He makes sure to check and treat the child for any disease of the kidney like kidney failure, kidney stones, UTI, abnormality in the urine, etc.
Pediatric Neurologist: The nervous system of babies and children is studied by a pediatric neurologist. He looks into any possible disorders, treats head injuries, takes care of children who experience nerve-muscle disorders, or display behavioral disorders. They have to complete a residency in pediatric neurology in addition to pediatric residency.
Pediatric Cardiologist: A cardiologist who looks after babies' hearts is a pediatric cardiologist. It is his job to detect and treat any kind of heart disorder, congenital or acquired, in babies and children. He is also called upon to measure the heartbeat of an unborn fetus. When a baby or a child requires to be surgically operated to remove defects from the heart like holes, valve defects, etc., a cardiologist refers the baby to a pediatric heart surgeon.
Pediatric Surgeon: A surgeon who surgically operates on children is a pediatric surgeon. It is his job to deal with birth defects and injuries, extract tumors, and even perform transplants when required. For this, a doctor has to complete a 5 year residency in general surgery and then a 2 year residency in pediatric surgery.
Pediatric Endocrinologist: An endocrinologist is a doctor who deals with the hormones in the human body. If the baby or the child exhibits a problem in his or her growth, an endocrinologist is called in to evaluate the level of hormonal growth. He deals with the thyroid, pituitary, and other hormonal problems that the child may be suffering from.
Pediatric Pulmonologist: A pediatric pulmonologist is a specialist in treating lung disorders in babies and in children. A pediatric pulmonologist is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, and even the management of the treatment plan of the baby as he grows into a child and even when he becomes an adult. This is because babies with lung disorders need constant monitoring, for which these doctors are specifically trained.
These doctors work round the clock to ensure that the babies who are admitted to their care are in good health, safe from diseases and will go on to live long and healthy lives. It is one of the most noble professions there is, tending to the little ones who will be the future generation. It involves a lot of patience and genuine kindness, something that is an inherent quality and cannot be learned even through years of training.