Travel Nurse Requirements

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Travel Nurse Requirements

The job of a travel nurse can definitely be a lucrative one. However, to apply for such a post one needs to understand a few travel nurse requirements…

As there is a global shortage of nurses, the travel nursing industry is fast picking up. Travel nurses are essentially professionals who travel to other countries, states or cities to provide special services to the patients. This field is definitely a growing one, as the sick will always need help and no economic crisis can ever change that. There are several who aspire to be travel nurses, but only a few to make an attempt to get there. Just as any job requires fulfillment of certain criteria, a nursing job too demands a procedure.

Requirements To Be a Travel Nurse

Formal Training

The basic requirement to become a nurse is formal training. To become a travel nurse, one has to undergo a four-year bachelor’s degree program and another two years associates degree. This opens up a huge array of opportunities for aspiring nurses. For those who do not wish to undergo such a prolonged educational process, they can opt for a diploma in nursing. A nursing course has to be accredited by National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc. (NLNAC).

Clinical Requirements

After formal training is over, one needs to get a minimum experience of one year to become a travel nurse. If you are a specialized nurse, then an experience of minimum two years is mandatory before you take up an overseas assignment. As many nurses receive only a day’s training, it gets difficult to know the nature of the job. Thus experience in the field is very important, before you take a leap.

Registration and License

Getting yourself registered as a nurse is the most important requisite. Register yourself with the state as a practicing nurse. A registration basically validates your education and experience, giving you a better stand while applying for jobs. One also needs to have a license to work as nurse in places other than home city. A license is meant to validate your authenticity as a nurse.

Health Checkups

Before you start applying for jobs, you must do your health checkups. It is important to have medical reports that state that you are in perfect health. You will have to under a physical examination and drug test.

Criminal Background Check

Passing a criminal background checkup is also one of the travel nurse requirements. If you hold any criminal record, you will not be able to travel at any place. Thus, steer clear from all illegal acts, to get a clean chit in your criminal background test.


You need to get at least three references in order to get a good job. Letters of references state your work and bring out your best qualities. Include a letter that talks about your recent endeavors and efforts to make a better impression. Provide the contact numbers of places and people you have worked with, so that the agency and the client can run their background calls.

While applying for jobs, do your homework about the nursing travel agency. Make sure that your resume holds current details of your work, along with accomplishments in the past. An attitude to adapt to changes as quickly as possible is the biggest requirement of this profession. As it is a job that keeps you on the move, you must learn to adapt to new places at the earliest. The easiest way to do it, is by understanding that the purpose of being there is more important than the place in itself.

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