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Toxicologist Salary

Toxicologist Salary
The prospects of earning decent salaries by the toxicologists has increased in the recent few years, owing to the increasing challenges the world fraternity is facing in curbing the menace of environmental pollution. This article discusses the earning potential of toxicologists and throws some light on the finer dimensions of this profession.
Kundan Pandey
Ever wondered about contributing your bit in keeping the Earth green and saving Mother Nature from extinction? If you have thought so and are willing to give your heart and soul to this work, but you afraid of not earning enough to handle your daily chores of life, then you would be glad to know that you must stop worrying now! With increasing threats of global warming and pollution levels peaking above dangerous marks, the need of skilled environmental engineers and scientists has sought up tremendously. Each and every country is facing this "Inconvenient Truth" in some or the other way and a dedicated team of professionals who can guide, handle and contribute their bit in handling challenges of environmental pollution is immense.

For all those who wish to make a career in fields related to environmental health, being a toxicologist presents hosts of career opportunities for growth and development. Glance through any of the job profiles in various sectors like industries, pharmaceuticals, clinical studies, forensic science, etc., to name a few and you will find a toxicologist hired in any of these sectors.

Job Profile
  • The salary range of toxicologists is firstly competitive and at par with most of the traditional job set ups.
  • Toxicologists, as professionals, conduct extensive research about the potential threats of radiations and similar environmental hazards.
  • They do so by doing a scientific analysis of various harmful substances that are leaked into the atmosphere due to vehicular emissions, factories, industries, and nuclear power plants.
  • Toxicologists also study the growing concerns of technology and its effect on the human health and environment.
Average Salary
  • Stated briefly, toxicologists are involved in various types of scientific studies, research teams, and other studies that come up with remedial measures and solutions for the ever-increasing problems of environment hazards.
  • The salary for those who have work a year of experience is between USD 40,000 to USD 80,000.
  • The salary is dependent on educational qualifications and the employment sector as well.
  • Undoubtedly, the salary for a bachelor in toxicology or similar subjects and for a PhD scholar will vary significantly.
  • Generally, after completion of PhD, people are hired in research fields, as teachers in environmental engineering colleges, as team leads in scientific projects, etc.
  • Depending on the employer type and the field a toxicologist is hired into, like forensic toxicology, veterinary toxicologist, clinical toxicologist, and pharmaceutical toxicologist, the salary varies.
  • For toxicologists who have work experience of around half a decade, the salary range is between USD 45,000 to USD 90,000.
  • With more work experience, salaries increase, and thus, an experience of a decade will fetch you a salary between USD 90,000 to USD 130,000.
  • As you can see, toxicologists having such tremendous work experience cross six figure salary mark significantly.
Summarized briefly, it can be stated the career development for toxicologist is full of growth - monetarily and with respect to the career path as well. The salary is definitely a motivating factor for all those aspirants whose interests are in the environment related subjects.