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Top Jobs in Demand for the Future

Top Jobs in Demand for the Future
In the top jobs in demand for the future, medical careers play a very integral role, with the second most important being those from the educational sector...
Stephen Rampur
These days, there is no time to get into a career and then decide if it is the right one for you. You should know right from the beginning what is right for you and what career you can excel in. Thanks to the very competitive nature of the employment sector, getting the right job or choosing the right career is not as easy as it once used to be.
Everyone is looking for help in deciding what career should be chosen. Obviously, in today's competitive world, everyone wants a job or career that has high pay, job stability, and great future prospects. However, owing to the bad effects of the recently experienced economic recession, a majority of people are looking forward to changing careers.
The careers that are being sought after are top jobs in demand for the future, which are mostly from the medical field. The main reason why medical jobs are and will be in demand is because they do not have any impact of the financial crisis arising in the economy.
So for all those people who are looking for professional stability, here are the top jobs for the future, taken from the growing sectors today i.e. health care, information technology, education and finance.
List of the Top Jobs in Demand for the Future
Doctors and Surgeons
Average Salary: $300,000
The services of doctors and surgeons were, are, and undoubtedly will be in demand. Along with the utmost career security, these hospital jobs are even considered as the highest paying jobs. However, becoming a doctor is not at all an easy task. To earn much, you need to sacrifice several years in thorough study and practice. This is definitely the most respected, highest paid, and most responsible career in the medical field.

Average Salary: $190,000
As you can see in today's corporate world, there are many issues coming up with job stress. An increase in job stress, has created a rising need for psychiatrists to treat mental disorders and problems. This is why a career as a psychiatrist is believed to be one of the jobs in demand. In addition, psychiatrists also need to work on rare mental disorders that have a different treatment method.

Average Salary: $75,000
When we say nursing jobs, we mean all nursing positions which include Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). Like physicians, the services of these important medical assistants can never go out of demand. Nursing careers are believed to be one of the top jobs in demand 2010. Nursing careers are somewhat easy to get into than the rigorous education and training required to become a doctor.

Teachers and Professors
Average Salary: $55,000
As the educational sector is booming today, with many universities, colleges, and specialized training schools coming up; it is predicted that there is going to be a substantial demand for teachers and professors. Teaching jobs are also considered one of the most secured jobs in the industry. The main reason being that the government considers the educational sector second to the medical field in importance.

Web Designing Professionals
Average Salary: $60,000
As all the companies are now largely dependent on Information Technology (IT), there is a high requirement for quality software development professionals. With the advancements in the Internet, web designers are also flooding the job market. The demand for IT jobs is predicted to rise in the near future due to an increase in small IT firms coming up, along with the well-established companies.

Auditors and Accountants
Average Salary: $50,000
As the financial sector is increasing all over the world, there are many auditors and accountants required. These financial experts earn a lot, especially if they are licensed, such as CPAs. Accountants and auditors are also expected to be well versed in using software for record keeping and financial management. Nowadays, certifications and awards are also presented to eligible candidates who have attended advanced trainings in auditing and accounting.

Technical Writers
Average Salary: $45,000
The job of technical writers is to draft guides which help people understand how to use an advanced software or a latest product. As different software are used all over the world, there is a need for quality technical writers in the market. For entering into this field, you need to have good written English and undergo specialized training of technical writing. This is a perfect job for a person good at language and technology.

Average Salary: $72,000
Another of the top jobs for the future are administrators, though many people do not think of careers in administration. These professionals perform day-to-day functions such as maintaining office records, scheduling appointments, taking phone calls, etc. While it is not difficult to become an administrator, certain qualities besides the educational requirements are needed, such as good organizational skills, in addition to having exemplary verbal and written communication skills.

Average Salary: $100,000
Not surprisingly, engineering jobs remain one of the top jobs for the future. Engineers in all categories are sought after, and this makes the engineering field one of the most competitive. With various options available in this field, right from nuclear engineers to civil engineers, this will be in the top jobs for the future for a long time. Educational qualification to become an engineer is a little more demanding than most other careers, but the reward is well worth it.

Average Salary: $105,000
Optometrists are professionals who examine and treat people with eye and vision problems. As the population keeps aging, there is naturally going to be a rise in the people facing vision problems, and this makes the optometrist career a lucrative and in demand career. Being related to the medical field, the requirements to enter this profession are stringent, but as with all medical
professions, this too remains one of the top jobs for the future.

Financial Analysts
Average Salary: $45,000
With the recession affecting millions of people, there is a huge need for financial analysts. These are professionals who advise people on how, what, and where to invest. Making sound investments for the general public is their job, and with the financial markets in turmoil, this profession is all set to see exponential growth in the coming years.

Marketing Professionals
Average Salary: $120,000
Sales and marketing professionals will play an important role in reviving the slumping economy, and this makes this one of the best careers for the future. Demand will continue to soar for business development managers, sales executive, marketing assistants, and account executives. Getting into this profession is not as difficult as the other top jobs for the future, determination, communication skills and dedication are the major traits required to excel in this field.

IT Jobs
Average Salary: $85,000
IT jobs too are the most sought after today as market research shows that this sector is going to grow manifold in the future. All kinds of IT jobs such as computer systems analysts, web specialists, web developers, network support technicians, computer engineers, database administrators, etc. are going to see a surge in demand.

Media Professionals
Average Salary: $80,000
Right from video game designers to technical writers, the field of media professionals is also expanding at a fast rate. Job prospects in this field continue to show a rising trend, and will continue to do so for the next decade. If you are looking for creative jobs in demand for the future, this field has it all, right from web designing to advertising.

Average Salary: $150,000
Last but definitely not the least, the outlook for lawyers also remains and will continue to remain one of the top prospects in the years to come. The services of a lawyer are needed to get out of any kind of legal issues. This profession is considered amongst the hot careers for the next 10 years. To become a lawyer, a person needs a bachelor's degree from a law school, followed by passing the bar exam

Though the average salary in some of the professions may seem low, you have to remember that the profession as a whole has been considered while taking into account the average salary. Top ranking positions will obviously have substantially higher salaries than the average mentioned. These are a few of the top jobs in demand for the future. If you want to ensure maximum job security in the future, it is better to go in for jobs in the medical profession. For a career change, you may need to undertake related training and certification of the field.
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