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Top Jobs for 2018

Top Jobs for 2018
Bio-medical Engineering is going to be one of the most sought after careers due to our increasing focus on health, medicines & genetics. For other great career paths read on.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Fitness Trainer
As much as life is becoming stressful, we are losing our mental and physical fitness levels. The good thing is, with the past few years, we have realized this and we have been taking steps towards improving our health.
So the job of a fitness trainer, who takes fitness classes and assists clients on their fitness plans at the gym, is booming like never before. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for fitness trainers is expected to grow about 8% by 2022.
Almost all trainers have a high school diploma before entering in this job. Many employers prefer an associate's or bachelor's degree associated to the health or fitness field. You need to have a fitness trainer's certification.
Many organizations offer certifications which are listed on The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Physical fitness is a must. You need to have soft skills like customer service, communication, listening, and motivational skills.

Total employment in 2016 : 299,200
Expected Job Growth 2016-2026 : 10%
Median Pay : US $38,160/year & US $18.34/hour
Computer Software Engineer
Firstly we had PCs, then laptops. With time our ovens became digital, so did the TV's & refrigerators, not to mention the breathtaking transformation of landlines to phones to smartphones and now smartwatches. Our life is getting digitized in every possible way.
All these things require software to run and they are written by computer software developers/engineers. With increasing penetration of technology in our lives there is no surprise that this job will be in demand.
Basic requirement is a bachelor's degree in computers, but another very important aspect is coding abilities with a deep interest in it.

Total employment in 2016 : 1,256,200
Expected Job Growth 2016-2026 : 24%
Median Pay : US$102,280 per year & US$49.17 per hour
Registered Nurse
Registered nurses work in different areas spanning from hospitals, clinics, home healthcare services, outpatient clinics, schools, and even in the military. Looking at the increase in the world's population growth, this job is unlikely to loose its sheen.
You need to have either a Bachelor of Science or associate's degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing from an approved program. You need to get licensed to work as a registered nurse.

Total employment in 2016 : 2,955,200
Expected Job Growth 2016-2026 : 15%
Median Pay :  US$68,450 per year & US$32.91 per hour
Environmental Engineering Technician
Even when the current US government has pulled out of the Paris Climate Change agreement, most of the people out there know how important the environment is and why it should be protected. For those who don't, the episodes like 2012's Hurricane Sandy is a wake up call, which shut down the whole of New York.

So along with Environmental Engineers, Environment Engineering Technicians do a very important job of studying, protecting, and sustaining the environment while keeping a check on pollution.
Typically Environmental Engineering Technicians are required to have an associate's degree in environmental engineering or a related field. You can opt for these programs either through vocational technical schools or community colleges.

Total employment in 2016 : 17,000
Expected Job Growth 2016-2026 : 13%
Median Pay :  US$49,170 per year & US$23.64 per hour
Information Security Analyst
These are the people who take care of the whole network in firms, institutions, or businesses. They make sure the network is protected and working properly.

They install firewalls and encryption programs to do that. They also carry out mock attacks on their network to see how well it is protected against real threats.
ISAs need at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, information assurance, or programming. Candidates with an MBA specializing in information systems are given preference.

People with prior experience as network or computer system admins are sought by employers. There are different certifications that can be done related to Information Security.

Total employment in 2016 : 100,000
Expected Job Growth 2016-2026 : 28%
Median Pay : US$92,600 per year & US$44.52 per hour
These were some of the top jobs that are expected to be in demand in 2018. Along with the ones mentioned above there are more you can look for. According to our research these jobs will also be trending this year. They are, Computer & Information Research Scientists, Specialized sales people, Personal Financial Adviser, Bio-medical Engineer, Meeting & events planner, Occupational Therapist Assistant, Regulatory & govt related experts, Dental Hygienist, Computer System Analyst, Web developers and Patent attorney.
All the details about these jobs, such as median pay, number of jobs in the past and expected job growth can be found on the website of Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor.
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