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Top Careers for Women Over 40

Women of all age groups have plenty of employment opportunities today. Over the years, there has been an increase in the high paying careers for women who have crossed forty years of age, as their experience helps organizations achieve success. So, if you are a woman above forty and searching for a job, go through the top careers for women over 40 given in this article.
Charlie S
Many great educationists have said that age has nothing to do with the success of a person. They believe that a person with a positive attitude gets just better and better with his performance with an increase in his age. We see so many successful people around us who got success late in their life, but are doing extremely well thanks to their dedication and hard work in their chosen careers. And it's not just men; so many women today have made it to the top in their careers and become examples for many aspirants.
They are successful, no doubt, but most importantly they are happy with what they have achieved, a balance between their personal and work lives. So, fret not if you have crossed forty. You are only as old as you think you are! Agreed, you might want a quieter job now. You might have reached a stage where you need to strike a balance between your family and your career, which is why you may be preferring a calmer job now. But then, opportunities are plenty. Career does not stop at 40, after all. Here we give you some of the top careers for women over 40.
Store Managers
One of the best careers for women in their forties would be that of a store manager. Those women who have graduated in sales or marketing and have the tricks to sell products can work as store managers in top departmental stores. By using their past expedience in marketing and sales, they can increase the business turn over of their employer, which will result into better salaries. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills and marketing ability is necessary for this job. Most stores offer flexible working hours and good working conditions, which elder women generally look for in their job. This job can pay them anything between USD 40,000 to USD 85,000 per year.
Teaching Jobs
One of the best choices would be teaching in high schools or universities. There is nothing better in the world than sharing our knowledge and experience with the youth. Teaching will help 40 + women interact with children and youngsters, the future of society. Teaching jobs in reputed educational institutions will require a doctorate in your chosen subject. This job is suited for women over forty, as they can get the option of working on a part-time basis as per their convenience. Many institutions offer accommodation to teachers in the university campus itself, which makes teaching a hassle free and easy job for women. Also, they can get paid well and can earn between USD 50,000 to USD 100,000 in top educational institutes.
Financial Planner
The career of a financial planner is also among the top careers for women over forty. For those women who have studied subjects, such as accounting, finance, mathematics, etc., and have experience in working in a financial services firm, becoming a financial planner would be a great career option. These women can guide individuals as well as corporates about how to manage their expenses, increase their income and make great investments to increase their net worth substantially. They can either open up their independent practice or work as employees in firms. Women in this profession can work from their own office and arrange client meetings as per their convenience making it a flexible job for them. Salaries for this job can range between USD 60,000 to USD 150,000 or even more depending on their skills.
Career Counseling
Career counseling can be one of the finest jobs for women over the age of forty. The women who have spent several years in the educational sector and are aware of the trends in higher education can become career counselors and guide students about the career options before them. Career counselors can work in schools, universities or set up their independent counseling centers. The job is free from physical stress and hence the right one for women over forty. Career counselors can make anything between USD 40,000 to USD 70,000 per year.
The field of accounting can give flexible working opportunities for women over the age of forty. This career would be the ideal one for those who have degrees in commerce or accounting and have worked for some years as an accountant. Women doing this job do not have to travel or work for too long hours and this makes it a simple and most desirable job. Most experienced accountants get recruited for the post of senior accountants and women would be able to make over USD 50,000 per year in this job. Since accountants are required in all types of businesses, women will find it easy to get jobs of their choice, in accounting as their career.
Jobs in NGOs
Well, it's not a 'career' so to say, but a rewarding field to be in, a field that gives you the opportunity to do something for the society. Jobs in Non Government Organizations (NGOs) can surely be considered by women over forty years of age. Considering the kind of work the NGOs are involved in, the maturity and experience gained by these women in the course of their life will help them deliver a better performance and do good for humanity. Job satisfaction is guaranteed here and by getting completely involved in the job, you will surely enjoy it. Just like the above jobs, this job has flexible working hours and job satisfaction which women always look for.
Child care, public relations, human resources, freelancing are some of the other career options for women over 40 years of age. So with a hope that this information guides 40+ women in choosing a career, I would like to sign off. Good luck!