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Tips to Write an Effective Title to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Tips to Write an Effective Title to Make Your Resume Stand Out
A resume is your advertisement in the job market. To make a good first impression, you should have a good resume headline. CareerStint enlists some tips to help you achieve this.
Deepa Karandikar
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Point of Focus
You have to highlight your usefulness and suitability to the job in your resume headline.
A resume is a very important document to get your dream job. It can be either a soft copy posted on a job site or a hard copy handed down to an HR. The resume title is the most striking feature of it. Prospective employers sift through the mound of resumes they collect based on the resume headline. Whether they are searching their database of resumes, reading an e-mailed resume, or reading a printed version, the resume title is the first thing they will notice. Hence, to get shortlisted, you have to write it in a way that registers you as the candidate they are looking out for. You have to brand yourself well. We provide you with some tips that will help you come up with a good resume headline.
What should a resume headline include/cover?
◙ Name
◙ Job Designation
◙ Experience
◙ Highest relevant qualification
◙ Current Location
◙ Career Goal
Resume Template
How to Write a Good Resume Headline
Use standard industry keywords, but avoid stuffing them unnecessarily
You should use the right industry-specific keywords so that your resume gets filtered and catches the eye of the recruiter. The keyword is an adjective that speaks about your level of expertise, your strength, or quality. "Experienced", "accomplished", "team player", "goal-oriented", "managed", "creative", "problem solver", "organized", "self-driven", "quick learner" (for an entry-level resume) are some keywords to make your headline striking.
You should also include your job designation or your skill along with the keyword. Avoid keyword stuffing. However, you have to match the requirements of the job also; only the use of appropriate keywords won't get you through.
Fashion the resume headline such that it fits the job requirements
Recruiters are looking for candidates that fit into the job profile they want to fill. So, your resume headline should mention your level of experience, your highest relevant qualification, based on which they should hire you.
Be realistic with a hint of positivity
Organizations are looking for genuine and sincere candidates. You should be realistic in mentioning your skills or achievements. At the same time, it should also reflect that you have a positive bent of mind. Don't brag or lie. This could be a grave mistake.
Don't shout in capital letters
Preferably write your headline in title case, i.e., capitalizing only the first letter of every word. Avoid writing the entire headline in capital letters.
Keep it simple and avoid using fancy lettering or fonts
The resume headline should reflect your professionalism. It is best to use a simple font like Times New Roman and keep the font size to 12 or 14. Aesthetic beauty in the lettering of the headline is not appreciated. Hence, avoid using fancy fonts or word art.
Avoid spelling mistakes
There should not be any spelling mistakes in your headline. This can be a minus and land you in the rejected pile.
Resume Headline Examples
◙ IT professional with 8 years experience in Software Development

◙ Sales Executive with 5 years experience in Fast-moving Consumer Goods

◙ Forensic Accountant with 10 years formidable experience

◙ Electrical Engineer, seeking entry-level position in the domain of Electrical Engineering
Remember that you have to write your resume title such that helps the recruiters in analyzing you, thus making their job easier.
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