10 Thoughts People Have on Their Daily Commute to Work

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10 Thoughts People Have on Their Daily Commute to Work

What does the daily commute to your workplace mean to you? Is it a great time for relaxing or is it the time when you feel like you are losing your soul, everyday? These are 10 struggles and thoughts of people who commute daily to work.

Aw come on! Why didn't it rain when I had my umbrella yesterday?

You know the rainy season has arrived, as you take a look at the overcast sky, and diligently carry your umbrella to work everyday. But somehow, it never really rains. Then, one fine day, you see that the rain clouds have disappeared, and you leave your umbrella at home.

However, within ten minutes of you starting your journey, it starts pouring cats and dogs. As you get drenched, you can literally imagine the rain gods laughing at you. Mwahahaha!

50 cents more?! That's blatant robbery!

After struggling to get to the ticket counter, suddenly seeing that the train/bus fare has been hiked, will really piss you off. You wonder what can justify this, as the bus/train is just as dirty and smelly, and there has been no improvement at all to the journey. In your eyes, there can be no bigger crime than this.

No, don't you dare! That seat is mine!

You get on to the train, and everyone scrambles for a seat. At the time, the satisfaction of managing to capture a seat after all that pushing and shoving seems equal to summiting Mt. Everest.

Newbies experience failure a lot more, and it takes a great deal of experience before you gain the skills to raise the probability of finding a place to rest you rear end. Maybe, they should create diploma courses for this stuff.

Did you know ... blah bla bla No I don't know and I don't care. Just shut up!

You’ve painstakingly found a seat, and are feeling good about yourself, when you realize that the person next to you wants to make conversation. You try to subtly signal that you aren’t interested, by taking out your headphones, and giving short, snippy answers, but they just don’t get it.

You’re sure that you don’t know them, and you don’t want to either. But, by the time you reach your destination, you have enough information to write their biography.

Ew! Just get off me!

You are unfortunate enough to be standing in a bus that is so full, that ‘sardines in a can’ seems like an understatement, or you have a seat, but someone thinks of your shoulder as a headrest.

Either way, conditions are appalling with every sneeze and fart, and your standards for personal hygiene are pushed to the limit, as every second of travel seems like an hour. Once you are at your destination, you just can’t wait to get out of that torturous contraption fast enough.

Do you really need to do that here?

One can find people doing the weirdest things on trains and buses, right from applying make up to clipping their nails. You’d run a mile away if you could, but how are you ever going to unsee that? Pills to wipe memories is a real necessity.

We need a soundproof cabin for this person here please.

In the stressful environment of a crowded bus/train, the last thing anyone needs is person who is talking on the phone at the top of their voice. This is especially a problem when the talker is a lady whose voice can break glass. You and every other passenger end up staring at each other, wondering who will have the guts to tell that idiot to keep it down.

Damn it! This is not my stop!

This is always a worry when you are standing in a crowded bus or train, near the entrance. Whenever the train stops, you have people desperately pushing to get in or get out, often taking you along for the ride.

But because the train stops for very short periods, you are always panicking that you might not be able to get back on, or get off the train when your stop actually comes.

Get a room!

The stress on crammed transportation is always very high, but some people take your discomfort to a whole new level. You awkwardly try to look away from the heavy duty PDA going on in front of you, but the horribly loud kissy sounds are really hard to block out.

The situation gets even more awkward and a little funny, when there are tiny kids who are staring, like it’s the most fascinating thing they’ve ever seen.

What on earth are you waiting for!?

After endless meetings, submissions, and targets, you have finally reached the end of the day. All you want to do is get home and have a good meal, watch your favorite show, or read a book, before settling down for the night.

But as always, you are stuck in traffic with other equally pissed-off travelers, and you know that there is enough stress and rage here to set off ten atomic bombs. Maybe, that would be for the best. At least you would be put out of this misery.

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