Temp Agencies for Felons

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Temp Agencies for Felons

Being labeled as felon can be quite a scarring experience. Sometimes it acts as a barrier for a promising future too. Jobs are hard to find, but there are places that could help. Known as temp agencies, these places can offer the much required relief to ex malefactors.

Quite surely, the most common phrase heard from an ex-felon is the statement, “I want to start over, but it’s so hard to find a job”. But what if there were agencies that were established to help them?  Lucky for all those in need of it, that is exactly what these agencies do.

Known for providing employment assistance to felons, these agencies act as a god-sent help for ex-felons. Even though it may very simply be a temporary relief, it is a relief nonetheless. Take a look at how these temporary agencies for felons work, and how they act as aid to them.

Employment Agencies for Felons

There may be several job agencies for ex-felons, but they can be extremely particular when screening a person for any job. It is the duty of convicted felons to take a close look at all the factors that could get questioned irrespective of how clean a record one may have had in the recent past. Make sure you’re prepared about all the things that might be asked or confirmed by these temp agencies, before offering you the job.

As unpleasant as it may seem, if you are an ex-convict, the chances of having your background check should come as no surprise. It could well be possible that you are living a totally reformed life now, but your past is bound to act as a hindrance at times. It is therefore, very crucial to remember that you maintain a really great track record after the issues you’ve dealt in the past.

There are some temporary agencies that also help with preparing people for any job that could come their way. Right from acting as self-help organizations to providing counseling, these agencies deal with it all. Every so often, there are people who aren’t ready for a job after all that they’ve gone through.

In cases like such, certain employment agencies also prepare people for things such as job readiness, methods of adjustment in a new environment, and ways to maintain the ’employed’ status. They also train them in communication methods and techniques, and any other counseling that a person may be in need of.

Apart from that, they also do a follow-up with the company, thus keeping a track of the person in question. Some of the better known employment agencies for felons are Osborne Association, Judicial Process Commission, America Works, Inc. – Criminal Justice Program, Making Career Connections, Exodus Transitional Community, amongst several others.

That was a short list of some agencies that could help. Apart from that, it is also essential to bear in mind that a substantial-sized company, more often than not, may not hire you. It is for this very reason that it is best not to get your hopes up too high. Some of the more common (and easier) temporary jobs to get as an ex-convict would be…

  • Military
  • Salvation Army
  • Customer service
  • Carpentry jobs
  • Janitor
  • Telemarketer
  • Industrial jobs in factories
  • UPS man
  • Trucking company jobs
  • Private detective
  • Grocery store jobs
  • Restaurant / fast food jobs (e.g. pizza delivery person)
  • Security guard
  • Construction jobs
  • Self employment

Those were a few suggestions for jobs that can be worth trying for. However, it is vital to bear in mind not to hide the fact that you had a felony charge against you. Failing to mention it could very possibly lead to more trouble. Choose to be honest about it, and the rest will fall into place for sure.

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