Technical Support Engineer Salary

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Technical Support Engineer Salary

A technical support engineer’s job involves explaining the technical aspects of the products to the customers. Know more about it, and also read about the expected salary, in this article.

Technology is progressing at a fierce pace, and is getting more and more advanced day by day. Each product has its own technical aspects, which are difficult for a layman to grasp. The prime job responsibility of a technical support engineer is answering the customer’s technical queries and giving them thorough knowledge of the product’s working. A technical engineer is sometimes called a technical sales engineer, as he/she sometimes has sales responsibilities too. It involves convincing the customer to buy the product, by enlightening him about the unique technical features in the product.

Someone who has a high technical knowledge only is suitable for the job, and so a bachelor’s degree in engineering is the educational requirement for this job. This field includes all the products which have used some kind of technology in it, be it the refrigerator or a mobile phone. The job of a technical support engineer has a more sales aspect to it, and so the engineering graduates have to undergo training before they embark on this kind of job. Let’s briefly understand the responsibilities of this profile in the job description given below.

Job Description

As was discussed in the above paragraph, the job of a technical support engineer has more of sales aspect to it, apart from the technical troubleshooting part. A technical engineer mostly works in the manufacturing units of companies or wholesale establishments. The job involves demonstrating to the customer the technical aspects of the product, so as to convince him with buying the product. Although the responsibilities differ from one work organization to another, some of the common and important responsibilities are listed as under.

  • Answering technical queries from customers about the gadgets, in person, and also through telephonic conversations.
  • Replying the customer queries through emails and keeping a log of the same.
  • Troubleshooting the technical problems of old customers
  • Documenting all the work done, and maintaining note of all the customer queries.

The person involved should have very good technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills, along with keen interest for technology, to upgrade his knowledge. Most of the companies demand high technical skills in the form of knowledge about all the operating systems and other things, and companies now prefer a degree of computer engineering, as the job has a technological aspect to it.


As the job comes under the sales department, there are chances of getting yearly or monthly commissions, depending on your sales performance. The pay package differs as per the region and also the organization. The average salary for a technical support engineer would be somewhere between $45,000 to $75,000, annually. Companies also offer monthly or yearly bonuses, which depends on the performance of the employee.

The entry-level salary would be around $30,000 annually, which would eventually grow as the person gets experience as time goes by. The salary also varies hugely as per the state. California, Massachusetts and New York are the best regions for these engineers, as the salary offered there is higher when compared with other states. The salary offered in California is around $75,000, in Massachusetts it is around 80,000, and in New York around $80,000 too, annually.

There are plenty of jobs available in this field, owing to the tremendous growth in technology these days. The job demands plenty of patience and a desire to learn and explain. The ability to deal with people, and people convincing skills, are also largely necessary.

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