You Just Can’t Ignore the Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace

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Teamwork in the Workplace

Can you imagine yourself working on a project alone in office, and no one out there to support and assist you? Definitely not! We all love to be a part of a team and do things through teamwork, it just makes life easier.

Teamwork can be defined as an activity or a set of inter-related activities done by more than one person to meet a common goal. Teamwork is not only followed in the corporate world today, rather it is one of the oldest things known to man. Mankind has worked in teams and groups since the primitive days of civilization. Hunting and wandering together in groups is an apt example of teamwork during those days. It is only in recent times, that it has been developed as a ‘concept’ in the management jargon.

Why is Teamwork Important at Workplace

I am sure you have definitely heard or read the extended form of the word TEAM many times. Together Everyone Achieves More, itself conveys the importance of teamwork. There are many advantages of working in a team, therefore every organization should emphasize on the importance of teamwork for the overall growth of the company.

Faster Learning

You tend to learn things at a faster rate, if you are working as a team. The experiences and knowledge of the older team members help you to grasp new concepts quickly. At the same time, it proves to be a bonus as you avoid mistakes at work.

Workload Distribution

Working in a team has an advantage of the workload getting distributed among all the team members. With work properly distributed, you can concentrate on a single activity till the time you gain expertise in it, and you do not feel stressed out due to work.

Building Bonds

Continuous interaction with the team members, working with them for the day, having your meals with them, sharing your joys and sorrows helps in building a strong bond between each other. In this way, you can even make friends for a lifetime.

Healthy Competition

Just think of a situation where people are competing with each other and trying to excel. At the same time they are helping and assisting each other in work-related as well as personal challenges. Wouldn’t that be a great sight! Well this is possible when you work as a team, as everyone is emotionally bonded to each other.

Job Satisfaction

Teamwork is one of the most important reasons for employee job satisfaction. This is because working in a team improves employee performance as well as makes the work enjoyable. This is also conducive to employee motivation.

Increased Efficiency

With many people handling a single project and doing the assigned work properly, the overall efficiency increases, and your team can complete the project well within the given time frame.

Exploring Creativity

While working in a team, you will never be alone, you will always have some or the other person to point you in the right direction. Suggestions and advice can help you in generating new ideas and bring out the creativity in you.

The above-mentioned benefits of teamwork were team specific. But teamwork is even beneficial at the organizational level. Effective teamwork in the workplace benefits the organization by increasing the productivity which is important to meet the targets and fulfill commitments. Also, teamwork ensures maximum use of manpower. This is the reason companies are promoting teamwork in the workplace.

Working as a team can benefit you as an individual, as a team, as well as an organization. For some people, initially, it might be a bit difficult to adjust in a group, but I am sure, they will gradually learn to adjust and work as a team. Effective teamwork motivates an individual to grow into a responsible citizen, and accomplish individual as well as organizational goals.

In the present-day globally competitive market, the real success of a firm lies in the performance of its team. A dull, demotivated team lacking in coordination leads to the downfall of an organization whereas a company with well-organized employees charts out the path to success. HR policies of the company are hence always directed for the betterment of the employee so that their performance can be maximized. So, next time, your team lands up with a project, remember the motto: “Together We Can”.

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