Team Building Games for Adults To Learn from and Utilize

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Team Building Games for Adults

Are you looking for some team building games for adults? This article provides a few game ideas that will build this important facet of teamwork in the people who are participating. This is a great way for companies to build the bonding between their employees.

Play dough

When you work in a team, it is necessary that you are bonded with each member. This bonding not only helps to improve the teamwork, but also inculcates a sense of belonging between the members. To improve this bonding, organizing team building activities is a wonderful method. Moreover, they increase the productivity and also help in improving the communication between the employees or a group of students. So, if you want to boost your team with commitment and trust, then here are some team building games for adults, that you can arrange.

The Clay Game

The clay game is a wonderful option that makes us realize that working in a team is possible only with effort form all sides. To play this game, divide the members in groups or teams of 6-8 participants each. The equipment required to play this game are whistles and play dough. Each group has to select a leader and each team should sit in a circle. Thus, the number of whistles required equals the number of leaders. Each team is provided with a large piece of clay. Now, the leader has to shout out a thing (it can be an object or a scene) that should be made out of the clay provided. The first person holding the clay should start making that particular object from the clay. After some time the leader blows the whistle, the participant must pass the whole clay to the next member sitting in the circle.

The next member continues to prepare the clay object and makes changes or improves the structure made by the previous team member. Again the leader will blow the whistle and the clay will pass to next member. The game continues and the leader will blow the whistle after a specific period of time. When the leader shouts out to stop the process, the person holding the clay should set it down. After that, the groups will come forward with their creations and narrate a story or simply describe the object prepared by them. The objects made out of clay can be a bus stop scene, a zoo or a clown. This game is quite challenging since one has to modify or improve the clay structure made by the previous team member. Moreover, the whistling by the team leader is random and hence some may get more time to shape the clay, while some may not.

Fill the Bottle

This is one of the exciting outdoor team building games that even adults can enjoy playing. To play this game, divide the members into teams with equal number of participants. Say, if there are 40 members, make 4 teams with 10 team members and name them as Team A, B, C, and D. Since the game involves the use of water, it should be played outdoors. Take 4 buckets full of water and place them in a row. Then, place an empty bottle at a specific distance from each bucket. Make sure that the buckets and their respective bottles are parallel to each other and are aligned in a straight line. Now, ask the Team A to stand in a straight line between the first bucket and the bottle. Similarly the other teams should position themselves between the allotted bucket and the bottle.

Now, the aim of the game is, each team should fill the empty bottle with the water in the bucket. The first person standing in the line will fetch the water and pass it to the member standing behind. The water will be passed in similar manner and the member standing in the end will fill the bottle with the water collected by him/her. The water should be passed from one member to other, with help of palms without using any equipment. The team that fills the bottle first, or fills maximum water in the allotted bottle in specific time, wins the game.

Mine Field

This is a nice team building game, where synchronization of two people needs to be up to the mark. Mine field can be played both outdoors as well as indoors. First decide the area for the game and prepare a square shaped mine field. Use paper cones, balls, pins, or any other object as mines. Place these objects in random manner in the mine field. Now, make pairs of the participant and blindfold one participant of each pair. The blindfolded participant has to enter from one side of the mine field and cross the mine field without touching any of the mines. The other participant will stand outside the mine field and guide his/her respective partner to cross the mine field safely. The pair that crosses the mine field without bumping on any of the mine, wins the game. If any of the participants bumps on a mine, the pair has to restart the game. Thus, this game requires trust and good communication between the participants.

There are many more such games for adults and the ones listed above are just a few of them. So, research well on outdoor and indoor team building games for adults, and choose the best for your team. Good Luck!


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