Target Employment Opportunities

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Target Employment Opportunities

Are you looking out for Target employment opportunities? Well there are many areas in this huge corporation where you can begin a successful career. Let’s find out.

Target Corporation also popularly known as Target is one of the biggest retail corporations in the world. It was founded in 1902, Minnesota by George Dayton as the Dayton Dry Goods Company. In 1962 the company opened its first Target store in Roseville. The store’s concept became popular and Target became the largest division of the Dayton Hudson Corporation. Target became so popular that Dayton Hudson Corporation had to change their official name to Target Corporation in 2000.

Target is the second largest discount retailer in the US behind Walmart. According to reports from the company Target has a store in every state of the US, except Vermont. Due to its popularity and a large fan base, Target is listed on Fortune 500. Now after reading so much about Target, who wouldn’t want to work with it. So let’s find out some Target employment opportunities for you.

Target Store Employment

As we know Target stores were launched in 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota. Since 1962, Target has evolved into a 1,700 store corporation whose annual income is about 61 billion dollars and it also provides employment to 350,000 people. Its famous bulls-eye logo is as famous as the logos of Nike and Apple Computers. Target offers you a range of careers which you can opt for. Before joining a Target retail store make sure you are at least 16 years old and are able to work in the United States.

The Target store employment procedure normally takes 45 minutes to complete, so make sure you have time on your hands. Before joining you will need the following:

  • Social Security Number
  • Phone Number and Address
  • Name and Zip Code of last school attended
  • Information about your previous employers
  • Days and times that you can/cannot work

To apply for various Target employment positions, there is a computer terminal known as “kiosk”. Kiosk is located near the entry of the store. If can’t find it, take help from a Target team member. Once you’re at the kiosk, Target provides you an easy to understand application form. If you want to quit the application, press Save and Quit. The last round is Application Questionnaire. This is a long test that checks your work ethics and personality.

Once you finish this test, pick up the red telephone. This telephone will directly page you to the manager, he or she will hire you or take more rounds of interviews. This all depends how well you have answered your test. If you can’t find time to go to the store, you can also apply from a computer. Go to the company’s website and search for various career opportunities.

Target Employment Benefits

Working for such a huge corporation has its perks. So let’s have a look at some mind-blowing employment benefits which are offered to you if you join the Target team.

Health Benefits

Target offers you a range of health and dental benefits. Full-time members are offered full benefits packages and part-time workers are offered limited benefit packages. These packages cover your dental insurance and help you to avail discount on many medicines. These packages also offer life insurance for you and your family members.

Wealth Benefits

Target offers you the TGT 401(k) plan. TGT 401 (k) plan is considered one of the best retail lifesaving plans. For every dollar you deposit, up to 5% of your pay. Target saves it and gives you interest on this saving. Target offers you a variety of low investment plans and ensures that you save enough for your retirement.

Vacation Benefits

Target ensures that you have a balanced and enjoyable career with them. The company offers you six national holidays. Target employees are eligible for holidays based on their position and hours worked. Personal holidays are assigned for you so that you can take a day off for your birthday or an extended family vacation.

To apply for several Target employment opportunities, you can also go to various job portal sites and post your resume. If your profile fits their requirements, you will be called for the interview procedure. If you have experience in the retail industry, there’s a chance that you may get selected very easily. Best of Luck!

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