Surgical Assistant Salary

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Surgical Assistant Salary

The surgical assistant salary range depends on the level of experience and expertise, facility of employment, state and city, and on a variety of other such factors.

Medical jobs are undoubtedly the highest paid ones. There are many types of medical jobs, and a career as a surgical assistant is one of them. As the name denotes, a surgical assistant is a medical professional, who is responsible for helping surgeons and nurses in carrying out surgeries or treatments. Their duties are not fixed, and may differ from facility to facility, and most importantly the necessities of the surgeons.

Job Description

The main responsibility of these medical professionals is to assist and help surgeons before, during, and after the operation. Be it any kind of surgery; surgical assistants prepare the operation theater for the procedure, arrange the needed equipment, and help the patients to get ready for the operation. They inform the patient about the operation to be performed. They also position the X-rays for enabling the surgeons to refer to and conduct the operation.

A surgical assistant necessarily needs to understand how the procedure is to be carried out, what all the requirements are, in which manner do surgeons prefer to do the operation, and many other aspects. Under the surgeons’ guidance, he may also do minor tasks of the operations using surgical tools and equipment. After the operation, he has to dress up the wounds and operated areas on the patients’ body.

Salary Range

When it comes to the salary range, these professionals get paid highly on a monthly or even a hourly basis. There are many determinants for the salary such as the state and city of employment, the facility of providing services, the experience level, and also the certifications and education.

If you are working in Texas; you may receive a median annual pay of around USD 41,000 to USD 79,000. In Illinois you may get an average pay of approximately USD 49,000 to USD 66,000 per annum; whereas in Orlando, Florida, you would get USD 35,000 to USD 80,000 per annum. Likewise, the average annual pay varies greatly according to states and cities.

The salary also depends on the facility you are providing services in. In a hospital, the pay would scale from USD 40,000 to USD 75,000 per annum. If you are employed in a private medical health care center, the salary would range from USD 31,000 to USD 58,000 per year.

Another determinant is the level of experience. Individuals having one to four years of experience can fetch a yearly pay of around USD 35,000 to USD 70,000, whereas those with 5 to 10 years of experience can get an annual pay of approximately USD 40,000 to USD 75,000. Similarly, the pay scale increases along with the level of experience in the surgical assistance field. They may also get paid on an hourly basis. One with less than a year’s experience can get a pay of around USD 10 to USD 15 per hour. Those with one to four years of experience may get USD 15 to USD 22 per hour.

As belonging to the health care industry, a career as a surgical assistant is certainly recession-proof, along with a respectable amount of pay.

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