Substitute Teacher Salary

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Substitute Teacher Salary

The aim of this CareerStint article is to put forth details related to substitute teacher’s salary, and the job description. Keep reading to know more…

A substitute teacher is a person who teaches students, when the regular teacher is not available due to some reasons. Possible reasons for the regular teacher being absent can be numerous. Planned leave or unplanned/sick leaves, are some of the most common reasons for a regular teacher to be absent from the class. This provides an opportunity for substitute teachers, to fill their place as long as the regular teachers remain absent.

Becoming a Substitute Teacher

You are required to have the right kind of attitude and educational qualifications. There are many institutes who have relaxed their educational requirements for recruiting such teachers. However, having a bachelor’s degree in your field of interest can prove to be useful for bagging jobs in reputed institutes.

Along with educational qualifications, obtaining the necessary certifications would definitely be helpful while securing employment, as it can add weight to your resume. In order to apply for these certifications, you will have to pay nominal amount of money as fees. These certifications for can be renewed after every five years. You should be well aware of the procedure for renewal of these certifications. In case of any doubt, consulting experienced people in the educational sector would be a good idea.

These teachers face the challenge of adjusting to the environment in a classroom. They have to implement various strategies to get along with the students. Interacting with the students and finding out their needs, strengths and weaknesses is a must. Usually they have very less time to adjust themselves to the new place. They also have to be willing to go and serve at whichever place they are sent. Their average salary has seen a growing trend since the past few years, let’s discuss it in detail.

Salary Details

The salary of these teacher largely depends on the educational qualifications, years of experience, and location of their job. Salaries at some locations would be higher than that at other locations. Many a time, they are paid on an hourly basis.

On an hourly basis, the salary can be in a wide range of USD 10 to USD 30 per hour. Teachers with less than two years of experience can earn between USD 10 to USD 14 per hour. Those with an experience of around five years can easily earn USD 15 to USD 17 per hour. With an experience of around ten years, earning around USD 20 to USD 27 per hour would not be difficult for these teachers. Highly experienced teachers with more than twenty years of experience can earn USD 37 or more per hour.

However, the point to be noted here is that, salary figures for this position are quite fluctuating. As per the information given by job market experts, average salary of such teachers can be around USD 80 per day. On the upside, sometimes, the salaries can shoot up as high as US$ 200 per day.

As per the opinion of job market experts, future of teaching jobs is quite bright and the salaries will get better and better with passage of time. All the best!

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