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Starting Salaries for Physician Assistants

Starting Salaries for Physician Assistants
Want a great kick-start in medicine? Learn about the starting salaries for physician assistants in the following article, and know how much money does a PA make on an annual basis, all in the content that follows below.
Veethi Telang
So, what do you think? How much does a physician assistant earn? What could be the starting salary of a medical professional who serves in an extensive domain of health care? Assisting senior surgeons and physicians is, indeed, one of the most lucrative careers, for physician assistants (PAs) not only contribute to lessening the workload, but also provide with recognized health care services to patients, performing all the more similar functions of trained physicians. No doubt, physician assistant jobs have witnessed a great boost in recent years due to the increasing demand of PAs in hospitals and medical institutions.

Today, physician assistants bump from one hospital corner to another, serving physicians efficiently, and minting big bucks for their bank accounts. That whips us up to put forth comprehensive information on the salary figures that PAs begin their career with, serving in cities offering tremendous medical opportunities, such as New York and California. Read on to get acquainted with the starting salary.

Physician Assistant Starting Pay Scale

Being good to the physician you're working under and patients you're serving can fetch you immensely attractive salary figures right at the starting. By far, medicine is considered as one of those careers that make the most money, by which, it can be inferred that, from the very beginning itself, a physician assistant can make comparatively good money on an annual basis. Note that, the average physician assistant salary is highly dependent upon the specialty the PA has chosen.

Like all career fields, salary range for a job as a physician assistant also depends upon the workplace a professional chooses to work in. What's more, pay scale largely varies in accordance with the geographical location of the workplace, and nature of health care. To start with, if a physician assistant is serving in the field of cardiovascular surgery, even the starting salary package for surgical physician assistants is much higher than jobs of similar levels, in other fields. What's more, if a physician assistant prefers working in states such as New York or California, he or she can make as good as $95,000 per year! While hospitals and medical institutions offer winsome salary packages to PAs, the ones working in colleges and private nursing homes have all the more similar pays cale annually. Considering that, following is a tabular illustration of initial salaries of PAs with respect to the field of medicine they're working in, the workplace they choose, and the area they've preferred to serve in. Take a look.

Stream of MedicineStarting Salary (in USD)
Cardiovascular Surgery$100,000

Following is a tabular illustration of the starting average salary of PAs, in terms of the workplace they prefer. Have a go!

InstitutionStarting Salary (in USD)
Nursing Homes$70,000
Private Clinics$75,000

Last but not the least, here goes relevant data with regards to the physician assistant salary ab initio, considering the state they choose to serve in. Get a load of the salary figures.

State/CityStarting Salary (in USD)
New York$75,000

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, America, has a lot to say about career development of physician assistants. If statistics are to be believed, the coming six years are going to be the most crucial years for physicians, as a result of the increasing demand of PAs in health care and medicine. So, what are you waiting for? You have all the approximate starting salary figures of physician assistants in hand, and a desire to serve lives. Prepare hard, and fetch good results. You have no idea how much bucks you're gonna add to your bank account!