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Stable Jobs for the Future

Stable Jobs for the Future

The recession that continued for the past couple of years changed the way we approach the process of securing a job; people are therefore, looking for stable jobs to secure their future. Stable jobs for the future with maximum potential for employment generation are described in this article...
Shashank Nakate
The global economic slowdown had a great impact on the worldwide job market. Thousands of people we laid off and this led to the creation of a big vacuum in the employment sector. Insecurity, associated with instability of jobs, was therefore on a rise. The recession affected almost all the countries except for rising powers like India and China. Due to the changes which took place in the job market, people are now looking for stable jobs. An attempt to describe some of these jobs is made in the content below.

Most Stable Jobs for the Future

Descriptions of the most stable jobs in America and in general can be found in this write-up. The jobs mentioned below are such that changes in market do not have much influence on the job security of employees.

Healthcare Jobs
Jobs associated with the medical field are not only stable for the future, but also amongst the most high paying ones. Examples of the different medical jobs include physician, surgeon, pathologist, radiologist, etc. These jobs are not affected by socio-economic changes. Medical service jobs are therefore, not affected irrespective of any recession or other economic changes.

Teaching Jobs
Jobs in the teaching field, just like that of healthcare jobs, are considered stable. This field is always going to offer stable jobs, since it can't be affected by recession. Teaching jobs also are considered interesting due to the fact they offer an opportunity to work with children. There are many positions that one can serve in the teaching field. Primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, and colleges offer opportunities for working as teachers. One can think about earning a decent income through teaching jobs. The job market in the teaching field is expected to generate 479,000 positions through to 2016.

Government Jobs
These jobs are amongst the most stable jobs for the future. The percentage of lay offs in government agencies is very less in comparison to that of the private sector. Only 1 out of every 5000 employees gets fired in government jobs. The rate at which employees are laid off in government jobs is just quarter to that of private sector. While the private companies try to save their skins by firing employees during times of recession, federal government supports its employees irrespective of changes that occur in the market. The government offers stable jobs during recession. An aging workforce also makes the government to hire employees on a large scale.

Law Enforcement
A job in the field of law enforcement is considered stable for the future. The Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program recruits workforce for the police department on a regular basis. This job is not just stable, but also respectable since it provides an opportunity to serve the society. The federal government spends a major part of its funds in job creation. One should therefore, be able to find a good, stable job in the field of law enforcement. Increase in the crime rates also has an influence on recruitment in this field. Going by the present socio-economic conditions, recruitment in law enforcement agencies should increase. The field of law enforcement is therefore, important from the point of securing stable jobs.

Environmental Sciences
The study of environmental sciences should help in getting jobs that provide stability. Concern about environmental conservation is on a rise with phenomenon of global warming threatening life on earth. The different job opportunities that have cropped up in the field of environment science in past few years include the following: ecologists, environmental chemists, hydrologists, etc. The rate of growth in job opportunities in this field is going to be around 25%. This percentage is far greater than that of other sectors. Increasing concern about maintaining the balance of environment should give rise to a variety of jobs in the field of environment science.

There many fields which offer stable opportunities for the future. One should be on a lookout for jobs and careers in general through which he/she can contribute to the society in a positive and constructive way. Only such fields can provide regular jobs on a long-term basis. Stable jobs for the future described in this article should prove to be helpful for readers.
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