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Speech Language Pathology Assistant Salary

Speech Language Pathology Assistant Salary
A speech language pathology assistant earns an average salary of $75,273 per year. This article talks about the educational requirements, job description, and salary range of these professionals.
Kundan Pandey
*All figures mentioned in this article are in US dollars, and as of April 2014.
Speech language pathology assistants or SLPAs are medical professionals who perform numerous tasks as per the instructions of ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) certified professionals. They may require a degree in courses like clinic management, human development, or sign language. Those who already have an associate or bachelor's degree, can opt for certification programs in phonetics or patient screening.
The need of SLPAs has grown over the years, owing to the increasing demands of clients. They perform the following duties:
  • Documenting the patient's performance and progress
  • Tallying all the collected data, graph, and statistics.
  • Transferring patients from one treatment area to another, and from one equipment to another.
  • Helping patients with speech disorders by assisting in treating voice problems, delayed language, or stuttering.
  • Helping to modify, or come up with treatment plans for the patients.
  • Helping patients to lead a better personal and professional life.
Salary Range
Although a speech pathology assistant job may not provide a very high salary, but it can be considered as the first step of getting ahead in this career. On an average, a speech language pathology assistant earns around $75,273 per year, and between $13.00 to $31.10 per hour.
Based on Working Location
Following table shows average location-wise salaries (annual). These figures may vary based on various factors like experience, educational qualification, additional skills, etc.
Alabama $73,000
Alaska $55,000
Arizona $60,000
Arkansas $72,000
California $78,000
Colorado $65,000
Connecticut $84,000
Delaware $64,000
Florida $68,000
Georgia $83,000
Hawaii $46,000
Idaho $48,000
Illinois $82,000
Indiana $70,000
Iowa $71,000
Kansas $66,000
Kentucky $62,000
Louisiana $63,000
Maine $64,000
Maryland $75,000
Massachusetts $87,000
Michigan $74,000
Minnesota $64,000
Mississippi $76,000
Missouri $71,000
Montana $65,000
Nebraska $53,000
Nevada $57,000
New Hampshire $72,000
New Jersey $79,000
New Mexico $64,000
New York $88,000
North Carolina $70,000
North Dakota $65,000
Ohio $70,000
Oklahoma $66,000
Oregon $69,000
Pennsylvania $70,000
Rhode Island $67,000
South Carolina $70,000
South Dakota $55,000
Tennessee $67,000
Texas $71,000
Utah $57,000
Vermont $65,000
Virginia $73,000
Washington $74,000
West Virginia $69,000
Wisconsin $65,000
Wyoming $61,000

*All figures mentioned above are as per Indeed.

Based on Years of Experience

Work experience is a criterion that is valued by employers of every profession. This is because a candidate with suitable work experience is aware about the intricacies of the job, and he or she is always a step ahead than a fresher. Also, a candidate who has already worked in the same industry is confident, and more excited to learn new challenges of the job. A fresher in this field can earn an average salary ranging between $24,312 to $59,458, depending on the individual educational qualifications, location, certifications, etc.
Based on Type of Employer
There is a difference between a public and private employer especially in matters of salaries and job security. The salary of an SLPA varies depending on whether he is working in a school, private firm, company, non-profit organization, or hospital.
It has to be understood that many people who're employed in this industry are more for the passion of this job than just the monetary benefits. Many people work in this profession because they love to make a difference in the life of people with speech problems. For ensuring career development and growth, one can also take further education in speech related courses. The more one is skilled in this field, better are the chances of earning.
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