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Spa Receptionist Resume

Spa Receptionist Resume

For the keen hands on hospitality in the spa, as a spa receptionist, a good resume sure makes an impression. Get help with some of these tips on building an impressive resume for the respective designation.
Dhanashree Patane
Hospitality and front desk concierge services have become an important move in every service and business. The front desk point of contact is the receptionist, who addresses all the queries and takes care of the hospitality and other issues related to the product or service of the customers. Similarly, there has been a lot of demand for front desk executives in all sectors of health and rejuvenation. With the spa's becoming more popular, the demand in service and employment in this sector has gained pace. With this, the need for customer hospitality has gone high too. So for most of the enthusiasts, who are keen to make a career as a receptionist in the spa industry, this is a major chance. Definitely, the basic, still remains simple, that is, to have a strong background with an impressing resume. Your resume is the first source of creating an impression and your eligibility bracket in the area of service. Having good education, experience and more is important indeed, but presenting the best of your qualities and your work skills in a proper way is required. So making a good and impressive resume is very important. Most of us often think, accumulating all your information and details on a paper with a standard format is all that makes a resume. Well, we have some information on how to make an impressive resume for a spa receptionist.

Job Description and More
We have included the roles played by a spa receptionist in this section, so that you get an idea on what exactly are the duties and responsibilities of a receptionist, so as to easily understand what is expected on your resume. A spa receptionist has to take care of welcoming the guests and addressing to all their queries, guiding them. The receptionist should have all the knowledge about the products and services of the spa, that also includes promotions and offers. Taking care of all the procedures and treatments, maintaining the code of conduct, maintaining standards of the procedures and hospitality, etc., are also some of the vital functions. Coordination of the clients and guests with the staff, dealing with billing and other service procedures are some of the duties of a receptionist. Apart from all these, maintaining appointments and schedule of treatments are also some of the vital responsibilities. Education and other qualifications of a receptionist along with some interpersonal and social skills will help in getting through this job. The salary will depend on the company and its location as well. An average salary of $30,000 can be expected.
Resume - Template
We will first look at a template of the resume for spa receptionist. This will give you a fair idea on the layout of such kind of resumes.

Contact information
Complete Name
Address and Telephone numbers

  • Write about your aim in the specific field and strengths that can help grow in this field.

  • Mention your educational qualifications, degrees and any other certifications or professional courses.

Professional Experience
  • Start from the date and duration of employment in the most recently worked company, and follow in descending order.
  • Below the/each experience, mention about the key duties and responsibilities that you successfully completed along with any special awards of achievements you earned.

Skills and Professional Strengths
  • Mention what are your skills and strengths, like a hand over certain languages, computer skills, software, etc.
  • You may compile all your positive skills and strengths that make you most eligible in the profession.

  • You can refer to your hobbies and interests like any sport or talent apart from your profession.

Reference Contact
  • You may mention the names and contact information of any of your previous employers or reputed individuals who can be reference for the job.
Resume - Sample
And now following is a sample of the resume to have a real feel of the complete resume and get rest of your doubts cleared, if any.

Emily A. Williams
1520, Lexham Martin Circle
Cloverdale, CA 95425

Looking for a strong career as a receptionist, to make the most of my skills and talent, that brings the best in me and the organization.

  • High School Diploma
    -Springswood High School, California, (1997).
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Management
    -Swiss Hotel Management School, (2003).
  • American Management and Services Association Certification.

Professional Experience
  • Realtime Fitness and Spa, Nov 2007 till present.
    Senior Receptionist
    ➟ Responsible for management and administration.
    ➟ Supervision and management at the reception and related services.
    ➟ Manager for coordination of client services and service quality checks.
    ➟ Handling all escalated queries and issues with the clients.
  • Gracewill Services, Jun 2004 - Sept 2007.
    ➟ Handling all the queries at the front desk level.
    ➟ Organizing meetings to develop and maintain etiquette's and service standards.
    ➟ Handling clients and services related to administration. Assisting HR related processing.
    ➟ Maintaining calls, messages and appointments of the clients.

Skills and Professional Strengths
  • I strongly believe in giving my best to my work and learning with every obstacle as a challenge.
    ➟ Good knowledge about hospitality and services.
    ➟ Multitasking abilities and handling crucial situations effectively.
    ➟ Have strong knowledge of organizational skills and apt solutions for service related issues.
    ➟ Excellent interpersonal skills and leadership skills.
    ➟ Good command over all processing documents and databases with Microsoft products.
    ➟ Fluency in English and German language.

  • I enjoy playing basketball, also enjoy traveling and adventures. Like to read a lot and listen to music. I enjoy social exposure.

Reference Contact
  • The information and names will be available when requested.
With a simple yet professional resume for spa receptionist, your approach and outlook on professionalism will be reflected. Make sure you keep it simple yet with all required information. All the best!