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Sonographer Salary

Sonographer Salary
Want to know the usual, and average sonographer salary range? Learn about the different types of sonographers, and then, their respective salaries. Read on, for information on various specializations available, along with their salary standards.
Neha Joshi
In today's world, sonography is used on a very large scale, to detect, and to treat, vascular and heart diseases that which lead to heart strokes. Professionals who aren't actually physicians, but who perform these medical procedures, are called 'vascular technologists', or commonly, as sonographers. Vascular technologists are nothing but sonographers, who specialize in performing tests on blood vessels, and in imaging. In this article, we discuss: the job description of a sonographer, parameters for salary evaluation, and different types of specializations available.
Sonographer Job Description
Commonly known as sonography, Ultrasonography is a technique; used to analyze and examine different parts of the body such as the breasts, the prostate, the blood vessels, the heart, and the female reproductive system. Sound waves of high frequency, are used to create visual images of the organs. This medical procedure is also called an ultrasound, or sonogram scan. A sonographer has to decide, and deal with instrument settings and other details, while performing both, diagnosis and analysis. He has to work hand in hand, with the team of doctors and physicians. Employed by hospitals, laboratories and clinics, sonographers are also free to set up their own clinics. However, it is recommended to take up a job at a hospital first, to gain valuable experience. Sonographers are responsible for constructing detailed and necessary reports, after the sonography procedure is over. On an average, sonographers are said to work for 40 hours, weekly.
Parameters for a Sonographer's Salary
The standards, are decided after taking into consideration certain parameters. Some of these parameteres, are the 'department' the sonographer has specialized in, the 'years of experience' he holds, and also the 'geographic location' of the sonographer. Listed below, are the various areas in which a sonographer can complete his specialization.
  • Breast → Finds breast abnormalities by diagnostic mammography, and screening. Also evaluates them.
  • Abdomen → Evaluates blood vessels, organs and soft tissues of the urinary tract, pancreas, liver and spleen.
  • Vascular Technology → Evaluates and analyzes the blood flow of abdominal and peripheral blood vessels.
  • Obstetrics OR Gynecology → Evaluates the reproductive system in women.
  • Ophthalmology → Evaluates eyes with orbital muscles, and structures.
  • Echocardiography → Evaluates blood flow and anatomy of the heart, it's concerned blood vessels, and it's valves.
  • Neurosonology → Evaluates the spinal cord, and the brain.
A sonographers job, might seem easy, but is indeed one of the most vital jobs among all medical sectors.
Salary Details
A sonographer indeed has lucrative career opportunities, with competitive salaries. Sonographers actually draw more salaries, that others, who have almost the same education standards. The usual pay rate of a sonographer is 29 USD; the hourly 'call in rate' being 42 USD, and hourly 'on call rate of payment' being 3 USD. The average salary is said to be 61,984 USD, for all types of sonographers. These statistics were provided by the SDMS Salary and Benefits Survey report.
Sonographer's Area of Specialization Salary (In USD)
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 70,000
Ultrasound Sonographer 63,000
Ultrasound Technician Allied Health 92,000
Sonographer Specialty 18,000
General Sonographer 60,000
Cardiac Sonographer 70,000
Obgyn Obstetrician Gynecologist 97,000
Vascular Technician 65,000
Echo Sonographer 55,000
Clinical Application Specialist 55,000
Vascular Technologist 73,000
Echocardiographer 65,000
Medical Instrument Technician Vascular 40,000

Sonography gives us live images of organs inside our body. Unlike X-rays, it performs this function, with the use of radiation free technology. These images can be used for later analysis, and diagnosis by physicians. As of now, there is no licensing procedure established by the government for sonographers. Hope this sonographer salary range, and the standards were clear in understanding and helped you serve your purpose.