Sonogram Technician Salary

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Sonogram Technician Salary

Being a medical job, the sonogram technician salary range is expected to fall in the high-paying class…

A sonogram technician, also known as an ultrasound technologist, is a medical expert who is responsible for carrying out sonography procedure on patients. This professional uses specialized equipment to determine what is going on inside his patient’s body. The sonography device uses sound waves to create an image of the inner parts of the body and displays it on a screen. This procedure is mainly used by obstetricians for the purpose of finding out if there are any complications related to the fetal growth in pregnant women. It is also used by other doctors in order to diagnose health conditions related to the heart, nervous system, and even eyes.

Job Description

  • Adjusting the body of the patient to get full detailed scan images and results.
  • Taking clear images of the health condition, so as to contribute to detailed clinical assessments by doctors.
  • Precisely examining images on the screen to determine which organs of the patient’s body need diagnoses and medical care.
  • Referring the images to the doctor for further analysis and diagnosis of the patient’s health condition.
  • Preparing and maintaining records and statistics for assistance of physicians.

These are just some of the basic tasks included in the job description of a sonogram technician.

Salary Range

The median annual pay of ultrasound technicians is recorded to be somewhere around $66,000. Note that the salary range for the job of ultrasound technician also counts on other criteria like location of employment, kind of medical facility he or she is working at, certifications, and the level of expertise and the nature of the work.

By Experience

Freshers in the field or those with less than one year’s experience can expect to be paid in the range of $29,758-$53,327 per annum. If you have experience anywhere from one to four years, you would get a pay between $25,403-$59,036 yearly. With the aggregate experience being a good five to nine years, the pay increases to $39,567-$76,460 annually. Sonographers with 10 to 19 years of expertise in this field can demand a pay package of $40,000-$102,000 and those with 20+ years of experience can expect in range of $54,821-$78,611.

By Industry

If we go by the industries which offer employment to the sonography technicians then we will find that the field of Diagnostic Imaging offers highest pay to these technicians that is in range of $34,367-$98,897. Next lucrative field is that of Medical Services which offers $36,065-$87,262 and is closely followed by Obstetrics and Gynecology offering salary in range of $24,328-$83,838 per annum. There is not much difference in the ultrasound technician salary ranges working in Hospitals and Radiology departments which offers $31,232-$74,243 and $25,000-$74,000 respectively.

By State

The sate of Illinois that offers salary range of $40,494-$92,829 is believed to be the highest-paying state for sonogram technicians. Florida with a salary range of $34,255-$81,703, stands second in line and California, which offers salary bracket of $46,603-$81,094, is close behind. Next to follow is the state of New York offering salary in range of $31,319-$73,553. Georgia and Texas with the salary ranges of $43,200-$66,466 and $36,643-$66,384, respectively, are also worth considering.

By City

The city of employment also matters a lot when it comes to ultrasound technician salary range. The city of Chicago, Illinois, pays in range of $41,748-$90,734, whereas, Atlanta in the state of Georgia offers salary range of $38,400-$65,000. A sonogram technician, in Houston, Texas, can expect anything between range of $48,113-$61,042 and in, West Chicago, Illinois, he can expect salary between $50,893-$53,107. Likewise, the pay range of these clinical technologists may differ based on which part of the city they practice in. The specialty in the sonography field can also make a difference in the per annum earnings.

Note that the amounts mentioned above are estimated and may change from time to time. Those who have received certification from the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers can demand higher earnings in this medical job than those still striving for it.

Radiologist doing a sonogram at the hospital

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