Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Requirements

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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Requirements

Six Sigma Black Belt is a widely recognized professional certification focused on developing expertise in business process improvement. Here we discuss the certification requirements.

This seems like some martial art certification, doesn’t it? But, let me tell you that it is not even remotely connected to martial arts! What is Six Sigma then? You would probably be surprised to know that it is a business management strategy. Originally conceptualized and developed by Motorola, Six Sigma focuses on improving the quality of process output. Now, this is done by eliminating the root causes of errors and cutting down the variation as much as possible, in business processes and manufacturing.

Six Sigma Black Belt is the authenticity a professional achieves after completing one of the top-most levels of training in the field. It gives credibility to your leadership qualities and your potential in guiding complex business improvement projects to success.

Requirements for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six sigma certification levels are designed based on the levels or Belts in Karate training. Just as you need a certain level of expertise in Karate, here too, you need to meet a few criteria.

An individual needs to study the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge laid down and the related study material. This includes Six Sigma strategies and particular business information. Areas like enterprise planning, team management, business leadership, and facilitation are a few amongst those covered in the Body of Knowledge. The individual can enroll with a training service provider, however, it is not mandatory.

Another requirement is to gain practical experience through doing live projects. Six Sigma Black Belt requires two completed projects with signed affidavits or one completed project with signed affidavit and three years of work experience in one or more areas of the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. You do not need to be a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Work experience must be in a full-time, paid role. Projects have to be business related and a project champion has to sign the affidavits, preferably the one who has helped the candidate.

Understanding and grasping of consumer concepts as reviewed and laid out in the Body of Knowledge is also required. In short, a Black Belt aspirant should be able to define a customer and gain feedback after identifying them.

After doing all this an aspirant can give the Black Belt certification exam. A very important factor, apart from the tough requirements of this exam is the money involved in the whole process. The training and certification cost can be anything from between USD 1000 to USD 4000. Hence choosing a Six Sigma program which fits your budget is advised.

All in all, this certification is a great qualification to have if you aspire to become a top-notch business manager.

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