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Senior Software Engineer Salary

Senior Software Engineer Salary
Are you a software engineer in need of finding the salary figures that you can expect for the same? Read the following article and you shall have your answers.
Rujuta Borkar
A senior software engineer, as the name suggests, is someone who holds a higher post in an industry. He is responsible for getting through the application development of the company and is required to design and create software for the organization. As a senior officer, he has a wide variety of responsibilities that he needs to handle along with being in charge of several junior or associate software engineers. The information technology industry is a well paying industry, and for a post that is of such high ranking, the salary range is also quite high.
Job Description
The duties of a software engineer run like this:
  • Designing and developing programming systems for determining system performance.
  • Handling bug reports.
  • Forming software development programs to find solutions for information processing problems.
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting problem programs and finding solutions for such programs.
  • Constantly analyze old programs, discard ineffective ones and formulate better and more cost-effective programs for profits.
  • Documenting the code throughout the program development processes and note any changes necessary.
  • Make sure that the logic, syntax are correct in all new programs.
  • Head the junior software engineers whenever there are problems.
Average Salary Figures
The average salary that a senior software engineer earns, falls in the range of USD 78,000 - USD 105,500. This salary will keep increasing further for the number of years that he continues to work. A software engineer with an experience of 4 years will earn up to USD 92,300. While a 10 year experience will earn him USD 110,000 and that of more than 20 years will earn USD 119,000.
Industry Factors
There are several industries that hire software engineers, and in due course of time, they acquire the senior posts. The industry that pays them maximum amounts of money is the computer hardware and software industries (USD 106, 000). The other industries that pay them more in comparison to other industries are the aerospace and defense industry (USD 104,000), software application companies (USD 103,500), software development companies (USD 102,000) and other financial services (USD 100,400).
Place of Employment
The place of employment also plays a major role in determining the salary range. It has been seen that San Jose pays the maximum amount of money to these engineers (approximately USD 121,500). This is closely followed by San Francisco (USD 121,200), New York (USD 118,500), San Diego (USD 110,500), Seattle (USD 110,300), Boston (USD 108,000) and Chicago (USD 100,000).
Educational Qualifications
A degree in Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) helps to earn a maximum of USD 111,500, which is more than any other degree can earn. Other degrees that help to earn high pays are Master of Science (USD 108,160), Master of Computer Science (106,800) and Bachelor of Computer Science (USD 102,300).
P.S. - Please note that these figures are only an approximate sum. The final salary is determined by the company on the basis of its policy.
Now that you know what the senior software engineer salary range is like and the industries that provide the maximum career opportunities and career development formats are, you can etch out your career accordingly. All the best!