Senior Project Manager Salary

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Senior Project Manager Salary

Roles in project management are among the most well-paying in any industry due to the various challenges they encounter during the life cycle of a project. Senior project managers are those who have extensive experience in this role and are among its highest paid, with salaries well above the median range.

In simple terms, a project is any set of related tasks that have to be carried out by a team, in the allotted time, and providing the anticipated results. However, it can only be successful if it is managed and lead effectively by an experienced professional. And when it comes to overseeing one, the role of a senior project manager is considered extremely crucial. These are the professionals who have a few successfully completed projects under their belt, and are expected to possess a wide range of skills. They also act as mentors to executives entering into this domain. Since they are the upper-middle managers of the company, they get paid very well.

Salary Range

Listed here are the salary ranges with respect to professionals employed in the information technology (IT) and operations industries. These figures may vary according to the experience, location, employer, and educational qualifications.

Information Technology

Years of Experience Median Pay Scale
1 – 4 Years USD 65,000 to USD 96,000
5 – 9 Years USD 79,000 to USD 103,500
10 – 19 Years USD 91,000 to USD 120,000
Over 20 Years USD 96,500 to USD 123,000

State of Employment Median Pay Scale
New York USD 98,000 to USD 135,000
California USD 97,000 to USD 127,000
Illinois USD 91,500 to USD 120,000
Pennsylvania USD 87,000 to USD 116,500

City of Employment Median Pay Scale
New York City USD 101,500 to USD 141,000
Washington USD 101,000 to USD 133,500
San Francisco USD 100,000 to USD 131,500
Boston USD 92,000 to USD 116,500


Years of Experience Median Pay Scale
1 – 4 Years USD 53,000 to USD 83,000
5 – 9 Years USD 66,000 to USD 96,000
10 – 19 Years USD 79,000 to USD 110,000
Over 20 Years USD 90,000 to USD 128,500

State of Employment Median Pay Scale
New York USD 77,000 to USD 126,000
California USD 82,000 to USD 119,000
Florida USD 74,500 to USD 114,000
North Carolina USD 84,000 to USD 115,500

City of Employment Median Pay Scale
New York City USD 80,500 to USD 131,000
Houston USD 92,000 to USD 125,000
Los Angeles USD 80,000 to USD 117,500
Dallas USD 78,000 to USD 107,000

In addition to all these factors, the salary may increase if an individual is certified or has undertaken additional training. The most popular project management trainings are the Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Certificate, PRINCE2, and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

Job Description

A senior project manager has to look after almost all aspects of the project. He has to make sure that it is being executed smoothly, is not delayed, and not by any means exceeding the allotted budget. He has to communicate all the project details with the team leader, and ensure that all team members are aware of their respective duties. This expert may handle multiple projects at the same time, which may add to his duties and obligations. He also has to communicate with the client regarding any modifications to the project requirements.

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