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Senior Project Manager Resume

Senior Project Manager Resume

As a senior project manager, an individual is responsible for the planning and budgeting of a project and ensuring its success. If you are in such a position and need to write a resume for yourself, then you will need to highlight your experience and achievements.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
In every field, there are some people who stand above the rest. These people are generally natural leaders and have the necessary drive and experience to lead their teams to success. Project managers fall in this category. These individuals are senior people in the company who have the responsibility to ensure that every project is carried out without any hurdles and acquires its required result. A senior project manager should have a proven record of success in managing teams and projects. If you need to draft a resume for such a position, then you need to highlight those achievements and skills that make you a good candidate for a job.

Sample Resume

While writing a resume, remember to keep some tips in mind. It is important that you highlight every relevant skill that you have and the vast experience that you have in the field of project management. You should highlight your achievements in the field and showcase the skills that have held you in good stead. Focus on industry-related skills and your experience. With any resume, it is extremely important that it be easy to read and flick through.

Michelle Ledger
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New Jersey, New York - 564 564
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To secure a job as a senior project manager and successfully use the experience and qualifications that I possess to lead my team to success and increase the profits for the company that I work for.

Qualification Summary
Qualified professional with almost ten years of experience in managing and executing engineering projects with a high success rate. Excellent record in planning budgets for projects, having worked on both small and large-scale projects and having navigated many technical projects to successful fruition. Excellent communication skills and an ability to lead a team effectively have helped in several problem situations. Core strengths include an ability to negotiate situations with the toughest task masters, effective risk-management skills, planning and managing budgets, and effective documentation.

Work Experience

Senior Project Manager
CAT Company, New Jersey, 2007 - Present
  • Taking the final decision where any budget planning and project planning was concerned.
  • Recruitment and training of any employee hired on the several engineering projects taken up by the company.
  • In charge of a team of 15 engineers involved in developing a plan for a new system and installing the same for one of the most prestigious projects handled by the company.
  • Organizing and conducting meetings for project managers situated at different sites and updating them about the different projects taken up by the company and providing information about the new programs implemented.
  • Developing and establishing a long-term relationship with clients and keeping them informed about the progress on their projects.
  • Interacting with the different designers, developers, programmers, and consultants working on different projects and keeping them informed about any changes in the plan.
Assistant Project Manager
TechnicalWorx, New Jersey, 2003 - 2007
  • Responsible for preparing reports, designs, and budgets in tandem with the engineering and finance department.
  • Weekly evaluation of the performance of employees and progress of the projects that were being worked on.
  • Supervisory capacity in the absence of the project manager and taking all the decisions that came with the role.
  • Providing guidance and technical support in finding solutions to complex problems.
  • Assisting in the recruitment process for new projects for the company.

Masters in Administration, NYU, 2002
Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, NYU, 2000

The sample resume given above has hopefully helped you understand how such a CV needs to be drafted. As with any official paper it is important that you always proofread the document for any spelling, grammatical, or factual errors before sending it out.