Senior Program Manager Job Description

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Senior Program Manager Job Description

In the job description of a senior program manager, you would find tasks associated with overseeing the work of team members and carrying out technical duties as required by the project…

Management is a crucial aspect in any organization and plays an integral part in the smooth running of a business. Process and program managers are key players, when it comes to getting all the work done by team members. The role of a program manager is much the same as that of a project manager. It is only that a program manager is responsible for managing several different projects.

In the job market, there are many openings for program managers in different fields of business and manufacturing. After a few years of working in this field, one can advance further in the position, by becoming a senior program manager. Here is something more about this job profile.

Job Overview

A senior program manager is responsible for the overall completion of a program. In the corporate world, a program is normally a collection of projects which are intended to serve a common purpose. So, a program manager has to manage the work done by respective project managers as per the assignments. These professionals are required to be the best in managing multiple tasks and aspects of a project. They have the authority to ask for project progress from any member of a project team.

Program managers are supposed to make sure that all projects have the required resources and support for expected deliverables to be completed on time. If a program manager is employed by a manufacturing or construction company, he has to combine office work with actual field work. He might even oversee the work done by other process and program managers. He has to take efforts to find out whether there is a need for improvement in a process.

Those working in an IT company will have to possess technical expertise as well. Training and imparting knowledge to junior managers is also a primary duty of a senior program manager. He has to study the requirements of projects, provide cost and technical information and resources, manage personnel as per skills needed on various projects, and guide teams if a major problem is encountered during program development. He has to prepare training modules and guidelines for cross functional team members working on projects.

They act as a liaison between team members and the top management to communicate any major issues that need to be discussed. He has to take reports from project managers and present copies of the same to the higher management for further suggestions for improvements.


As this job is from the managerial field, the senior program manager salary is believed to be high. According to a salary survey, it has been concluded that these experts draw an annual salary of about $98,000. However, the pay range is also determined based on the sector a person is working in: IT, manufacturing, or any other business sector.

For example, one working in an IT company as a senior program manager with one to four years experience can expect to earn around $78,000 – $111,500 annually. The maximum pay can even reach up to $143,500 per annum with an experience of 20 or more years in IT. On the other hand, a Sr. program manager in the marketing field can earn anywhere between $48,500 and $89,000 per annum.

In order to become a senior program manager, you need to possess hands-on working experience in project management. Since the job of a program manager consists of a wide range of tasks, he needs to have excellent communication, decision-making, problem solving, and corporate management skills. Typically, a program manager is required to be well-educated and experienced in the area he is providing services in. For example, if he is working in the financial sector, a degree in banking, finance, or business management is considered desirable.

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