Security Officer Resume

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Security Officer Resume

Learn how to draft a security officer resume from this article, so that it becomes easier for you, when you’re applying for this job. This article will give you all the details and information that you need.

The job of a security officer is a tough one, as he is responsible for the protection of assets, properties, and lives. He has to be responsible, alert, and he also needs to know what to do in certain tough situations like a burglary case, fire, and terrorist attacks. Security jobs are pretty risky. Selection process for such a job, proceeds through scrutinizing of a resume.

Resume Writing Steps

While writing the resume, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. It should successfully communicate your skills and experiences to the employer. The following steps will teach you a lot about writing one.

Name and Contact Details
The first thing that you have to mention is your name and contact details, such as your address (both permanent as well as temporary), your phone number(s), and even your email ID. All of this has to be provided, so that the employers know who you are and can also contact you when required. If you want, you can also attach your own photograph, along with the resume.

The next thing that you must write about are your objectives as a security officer. Make sure that they reflect clarity of thought.

Skills and Experience
In the resume, you have to mention the skills that are related to your profession. You have to talk about the various areas you are experienced in; where you had worked earlier, what are the various certifications and awards that you have won, whether you know how to handle a gun, whether you know how to save a life, etc.

Educational Qualifications
Next, talk about your educational qualifications, such as your specializations and what you have studied in college. Also, mention if you have done any special or other correspondence course, especially for this profession, and do not forget to mention the certificates which you have received.

Other Basic Information
Next, mention your other skills such as your knowledge of different languages, your hobbies, special interests, etc. Let us now see some templates.

Template #1

Name of the Applicant
Contact Details

Objective: Here you mention your work objectives.

Skills: Mention all the skills that you have which are considered to be fit for the job.

Professional Experience: Mention the places where you had worked earlier in this position and also where you are working at present.

Educational Qualification: In this section you have to talk about your educational background and whether you have done any special courses.

Awards and Certificates: Write about all the awards that you have won till date in your professional or educational field.

Other Skills and Hobbies: Talk about your hobbies and other special interests.


Just follow the above steps, be honest about what you write, and with a resume like this, you are bound to get the job you like.

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