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Security Officer Duties

Security Officer Duties
The main task included in the duties and responsibilities of a security officer is to make sure that the facility which is to be looked after is safe. This article provides some information about the duties that a security officer has to perform.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
A majority of crimes committed today are due to lack of proper security. As the crime rate is on a rise, there is an increased need for providing security to property and assets. When it comes to providing security, a job as a security officer provides the right platform. This profile mainly include tasks that are related to ensuring the safety of the property or assets. There are many other duties which again are some or the other way associated with the security of the property or facility. Their services are required in a wide variety of work settings; such as private property, public places, data management companies, etc.
Duties and Responsibilities
Transportation Security Officer
A transportation security officer is an employee of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, who provides services at commercial airports and works for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). He is responsible for checking travel baggage as it goes through X-ray machines and checking travelers for inappropriate materials using hand-held wands. These airport security personnel keep a watch on the entry and exit points of the airport for any kind of security breach.
Information Security Officer
A career as an information security officer is an IT job. This professional is employed for making sure that the data in the company servers and databases are not accessed illegitimately or not used for personal use. Along with data security tasks, he also has to train and educate clients' employees about how to keep the data secure on an individual basis.
Facility Security Officer
A facility security officer is a professional who is handed over the safety of places such as dance pubs and discos, historical and modern museums, office premises, and other public places. In a disco, he generally has to handle conflicts between regular customers. In a private premise, his duty involves protecting the premises from any theft or vandalism. The responsibilities vary largely according to the employment setting.
Bank Security Officer
As the name suggests, a bank security officer looks after the safety at banks, financial institutions, and places which deal with substantial amount of cash. He has to make sure that the customers coming in the facility are genuine and do not commit any financial fraud. He has to be on guard at the gate for preventing any kind of robbery. He has to determine customers who seem to be doubtful. Usually, a bank security officer is armed.
Armed Security Officer
The difference between a normal security officer and an armed security officer is that the latter is allowed and licensed to carry a firearm for maximum security to the setting. Along with providing security in public and private places, an armed officer may even work in highly confidential places. He has to make sure that there are no incidences of robbery, terrorism, vandalism, and other types of criminal activities in the facility.
Note that the duties may vary significantly based on the place of employment. If you are thinking of becoming a security officer, you will need to be really attentive and physically fit for carrying out the daily chores.
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