Security Guard Salary Range

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Security Guard Salary Range

A security guard salary range usually depends on the agency for which the guard is working, the location, and the educational qualifications of the guard. Here are some more factors which play an important role in deciding the salary of a security guard…

Nothing in this world would be safe if security guards wouldn’t be patrolling day and night around banks, buildings, condos, bungalows, private, commercial and residential properties. In today’s time, where unemployment has reached to a new height and crime is becoming prevalent, there is a rising demand for good and professional security guards, who believe in doing their job with sincere dedication. Many people believe that the job of a security guard and that of a police officer is one and the same thing, but this is not true. Security guards are specially hired to protect their clients while cops have to protect the citizens and their jurisdiction in any situation.

Private security guards are hired by wealthy families to keep a watch on their homes or family members; they are also hired by many establishments to ensure the security of important people or their property. There is no set educational requirement needed to become a security guard, but people who want to try their hand in this career can opt for the various courses offered by different institutes all around the US. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most employers would prefer armed guards over an unarmed guard, as armed guards are well trained to handle the weapon assigned to them. The pay package of an armed security guard will obviously be more than an unarmed guard and some agencies also provide attractive perks.

How Much Does an Armed Security Guard Make

Security agencies are always in the need of experienced security guards and these guards can also demand a great salary package. The security guard salary range is influenced by the employee’s experience, training, references, type of work, and most importantly, job location. An average security guard with minimum experience can easily get $24,000 every year. However, some security guards are also paid by the hour. Depending upon the type of work and job location, security guards get anywhere between $17 to $45 every hour.

Candidates with more experience are bound to get a better salary than freshers. Security guards with more than a year’s experience can easily make $27,000 to $34,000 every year. With each year, candidates can expect a steady rise in the salary package and after 5 to 7 years of hard work, the package will definitely reach six figures. Certain assignments can offer more salary. If the assignment is to protect a VIP or be a bodyguard of a senator or a famous celebrity, the security guard will get a better salary as he/she is working on a high profile matter. Security guards who undertake overseas operation draw the highest paycheck but most overseas assignments are considered to be very dangerous and only experienced candidates are sent for such missions.

State Security Guard Average Salary
New York $50,000
North Carolina $25,000
Texas $34,000
Washington $47,000
California $37,000
Florida $40,000
Virginia $35,000

Other than education, work experience and location, there are various other factors which play a very important role in deciding the security guard salary range. Candidates should also have a clean record; which means no history of violence, drugs and alcohol abuse. There should be no pending cases against the security guard, his/her record should be free. Being physically fit is also very necessary, candidates who want to become a security guard should have a decent height and weight. Security guards need to be in optimum health at all times as they have to work in 24/7 environment and sometimes the work can get quite stressful. Security guards should also be properly dressed when they are on an assignment. Hygiene is one quality which is underrated in their field of employment. Guards who are impeccably dressed at all times show how serious they are about their work and it also displays a good professional attitude.

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