The Secret of Writing a Perfect Secretary Cover Letter Revealed

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Secretary Cover Letter

Looking for a job as a secretary? Here’s an article that explains its importance and how to write a cover letter for the job.

A secretary cover letter is written to the recruiting company to whom you’re sending your job application. It is usually sent with the resume, and helps you highlight your skills better. When you write the cover letter, you ideally ought to include a majority of your skills which you feel will help you perform better on the job.

Cover Letter for Resume

A cover letter is a little something to go with your resume. It adds a bit of weight to your resume writing by giving a small glimpse into the person you are and your professional qualities, apart from the making it look a lot more professional. It helps the recruiter understand you, beyond your qualifications. It helps him understand your qualities.

The letter basically focuses on why you think you are a good candidate for the job being offered. You need to highlight your qualities which you feel you have and the recruiting company would like their ideal candidate to possess. It is used particularly to drive home the point to the recruiter, that you really are a good catch for them.

Being a formal letter, one needs to watch the language when writing samples. The address and style of writing needs to be strictly professional and factual. A lot of people go overboard with their cover letter. Restrict yourself to the facts and emphasize them. Do not sensationalize it. Keep it light and formal.

And lastly, format the letter well. By format, I don’t mean use gaudy and extraordinarily large fonts. Highlight some of the more impressive points. Use bold, italics, and underline functions to achieve maximum effect.

Cover Letter Example

My Name,
My Address Line 1,
Address Line 2,
Zip Code.

Respected Sir/Madam:

In your newspaper advertisement about the opening for the job of a secretary in your company, you said that you wanted someone who is hard-working, experienced, and a go-getter.

I believe that I am this person.

Having worked as a personal secretary to the regional vice-president of ABC Corp, I feel I have handled my job remarkably well, and have been there for my boss, for whatever reason, whenever the need would arise.

I am also very well qualified, having completed my Bachelor’s in (field name) and have passed with 85% marks.

My current employer will also testify that I have been just as good at my job as any other that he may have employed before.

So, I feel that I have the necessary skills to offer to your company and I am sure that given the opportunity to work for your prestigious company, I will not be letting you down.

Thanking You,

It is always a good practice to back up your claims in your cover letter with facts, so that the whole thing looks a lot more believable and impressive.

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