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Second Interview Thank You Letter

Second Interview Thank You Letter
It is important to send out a thank you letter as soon as you are done with the second round of an interview, because, it is an indication that you have been seriously considered for the job. This article will tell you exactly how to draft such a letter.
Tulika Nair
A second interview is probably one of the most serious indicators during the interview process that the organization which you have applied to considers you to be a good candidate for the job at hand. You are at the precipice of a new career opportunity, and it is important that you have enough leverage to create a good impression about yourself. This is probably one of the reasons that makes it important for you to send out a thank you letter to your prospective employer to express your gratitude.

A thank you letter can create the right impression, and be that deal closer that you were looking for. Here are some useful pointers, followed by a sample that you can use as a reference to draft your own letter.

Useful Tips

Every business writing manual in the world will tell you how important it is to send out a thank you note after every interview that you have with an organization. Regardless of whether it is the first interview or the second, you need to send in a note of thanks. A letter after the second interview will not be very different from the first letter that you send out, except that you will be expected to make note of the fact that you want to thank them for the second round of interview that they conducted for you. There is no denying the fact that you are the candidate that has impressed them, and framing a good thank you letter will only help enhance the goodwill that you possess.
  • You can opt to type it out and send it, send it as an email, or even think about sending out a handwritten letter. If you opt for the last option, then do ensure that the letter is legible. It is also important that you proofread the letter for any errors, grammatical or spelling, before sending it out.
  • It may be a good idea to mention in passing some of the questions that were posed to you. This will help underline the positive nature of the interview.
  • It is important that you mention again how much interest you have in the company, and how you would be extremely enthused to be working with them.
  • Avoid sounding sycophantic in the letter. It is extremely easy to detect. Be sincere and honest.
  • The letter should be brief and concise. Do not let it exceed 250 words or so.
  • It is important that you send it out within twenty-four hours of attending the interview.
  • If there were a group of people interviewing you, then it is prudent that you thank all of them. If you are unsure of their names and the capacities in which they work, then check if you can find out the name of the person who scheduled the interview.

Sample Letter

Writing a thank you note after an interview can be difficult if you put it off but if written immediately after attending the interview, the letter writing process is less forced. If need be you can refer to different samples.

Roger Astaire
123, Elm Street
Hebudah, New Jersey
New York - 636367

20th December 2010

White Lights Productions
94, Sunset Boulevard
New York - 759023

Subject: Thank you for second round of interview.

Dear Sir / Ma'am,

This letter is in a bid to express my gratitude for the opportunity of a second round of interview with your organization for the post of Art Director.

If given a chance to work with your organization, then I would ensure that the association is mutually beneficial. With my experience and educational qualifications, I am sure that I will serve as an asset to your organization. My impression of your organization has only been enhanced by what I saw during my two visits to the office. I look forward to being a part of the team.

Thank you for the time and for considering me for a post with your organization. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Roger Astaire

The sample letter given here and the tips given earlier in the article should help you understand how such a letter should be written. Go ahead an draft your own letter according to your needs, and send it out. All the best!